Smart Mama 2014: A Treasure Box of Experiences for the Year

By on January 29, 2014

With the information age and technology boom becoming an essential aspect of everyone’s lives, time is of the essence. What better way to become a Smart Mama than a coupon book that saves you time and effort? Introducing Smart Mama, a unique BIG COUPON Book filled with many exciting offers like a 50%-off and buy-one-get-one free for the Smart women and mothers. An ideal book for every woman who enjoys grooming, dining or fitness, this is the ideal solution even for a variety of activities for your little ones minus the hassle of a contract! 70% of the vouchers can be used by women, or even men –as there are vouchers for dinner, cocktails and even trays of shooters! What’s more? This could be just the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day too!

We had a chance to look at the book and we can tell you, it’s for REAL. The book is packed with over 300 great deals. We can’t list them all, but we have selected a few vouchers specially for our readers.

Smart Mama

Buy Smart Mama and Save More!

 8 Reasons Why you Should be buying Smart Mama 2014:

1. Extra Curricular Activities for the Kiddos

Kids Activities

Mothers are constantly looking to enroll their kids in stimulating activities after school to get the best for their development.  Most places offer straight up packages which can be a challenge for every mother especially with the uncertainty of whether their child will actually enjoy the activity.  Smart Mama’s buy one get one vouchers allow a testing ground for children. Vouchers for activities include – music, dance, sport, yoga, arts and craft, language and various educational courses.

2. Party Planning

Kids Birthday

Whether it’s a child’s birthday party, a baby shower, a bridal shower, or simply a luncheon, organizing parties is always a project – and one that is time consuming and expensive!  Smart Mama works as a guide-to-go and has everything a woman needs to make organizing events less stressful and make massive savings in the process.  There are 50% off vouchers for personalized invitations, Party supplies, Cupcakes / Cakes, Event Photography & Party Entertainment.

3. Group Activities for the Whole Family

Smart Mama has some a lot of great deals in this category! We can go for hours listing them, but here are a few which caught our attention.

  • Get some quality time with your loved ones with relaxing Family Yoga session at 50% off for up to 5 people at the Yoga Room for just HKD500!.
  • Get grilling with 50% off for BBQ party at the India Club. Party with friends or family of 12 people at just HKD1,728! Includes salad, 15 BBQ items, dessert, unlimited beverages and beer!
  • Here’s one to float your boat. Buy one get one Cruise ticket with Sanctuary Retreats

 4. Indulging

Woman in Spa

This is where Smart Mama hits a home run. This section includes vouchers for all your grooming needs. It includes 50% off vouchers for make-up, nail, personal imaging and henna workshops as well as tarot card reading and hypnotherapy sessions. Here are some hand-picked vouchers we really like.

  • Two 50% off vouchers from Elvina Anthony, the sought-after infant and pre/post natal massage therapist (Original price HK$600).
  • Two vouchers from the popular Freedas Beauty Salon. Pay for one eyebrow shaping – get one free and 50% off a hair spa.

5. Dining


Whether it’s having an intimate meal or letting your hair down and going clubbing with the girls – vouchers for free main courses, cocktails and even shooters encourages women to try out new joints and make huge savings in the process. Here are few of our favourite vouchers from this section.

  • Buy one get one voucher at Kyoto Joe for a sushi roll and save up to HKD190!
  • A buy one get one voucher from WTF on Elgin Street for a pitcher of Sangria, this saves you a cool HKD280!
  • Vouchers from RA – pay for one Moroccan Grill or Tagine and get one free- saves up to HKD220 . At the same time, use another voucher to either pay for one mint Julep Cocktail and get one (save HKD90) or pay for six shots of house tequila and get 6 free and save HKD360. Where can you go wrong?
  • Voucher from Pan Asian restaurant with amazing views, Tamarind – pay for one main course get one free – saves up to HKD150

6. Fitness

Ladies in Gym

Smart Mama has buy one get one and 50% off vouchers for fitness centres, dance studios, yoga sessions and even a 50% off a one year exclusive Mamma Mia Membership for only HKD3,000 at Action Waterfall, one of the largest fitness clubs in Hong Kong spread over 130,000 square feet. HKYantoYan is pretty pumped about these 2 vouchers out of the many others.

  • Hanuman Boxing – pay for one Thai boxing class get one free saves HKD180 OR pay for one yoga class and get one free saves HKD150. Bam!
  • 50% off one private yoga session with the fantastic Mayuri Punjabi who customizes specialized programs to suit individual needs saves you HKD350

7. Shopping


Smart Mama has 50% off vouchers for kids’ stationery, optical, home essentials, fashion, jewelry and skin care.

Smart Mama has 50% off vouchers for kids’ stationery, optical, home essentials, fashion, jewelry and skin care. There is a lot of value in this section, specially the few we have picked below:

  • Whether it’s treating yourself or buying a gift for a friend, a 50% off a voucher from Daisy Satta, Italy for a Sterling Silver Plated Necklace will cost just HKD250!
  • Every woman loves her designer sunglasses. A 50% off voucher from Care Professional Optics Centre from boutique brands such as Gucci, Prada, Ray Ban etc. can save you thousands of dollars!
  • Towels and bed sets are essential purchases for every home. A 50% off voucher from Planet Home for an organic bed set will cost just HKD400!

8. Freebies

Smart Mama has some complimentary vouchers which can be redeemed instantly without having to pay a dollar! The essence of the book is to enhance your lifestyle by discovering interesting things to do every day – all at a smart price!

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