Seven Different Things to do together on Valentine’s Day in Hong Kong

By on February 7, 2014

Romance is in the air and with good reason! With Valentines Day around the corner,(February 14th) let us help you with a few different things that you and your special someone can do together this Valentine’s Day in Hong Kong! Dinners and candles are now passe, impress your partner with these out of the box suggestions that you could do together. Cupid is striking and you should be in his vicinity so that you can celebrate this holiday in a style that is uniquely yours!

1. Macau Bungee Jumping

AJ Hackett International

Image Courtesy – AJ Hackett International

What could possibly pump more adrenaline and be more invigorating than an actual “Leap Of Faith – Bungee Style!”? Head to Macau right for the AJ Hackett Macau Tower that boasts of the world’s highest bungy with a jump that is 233m / 764ft high. Go on, give away your hand and your heart while you get your blood pumping! Take in the entire city at once while your feet prepare to jump off the tower. Wow! What a feeling. Are you ready?

Click here for more details.

2. Picnic cum Hike dates 

Hiking in HK

You may call it usual, but it is the location and of course , the special occasion that you are celebrating! Sai Kung – with its most beautiful beach will make a perfect getaway – if you can first get to it after an easy hike. The only white sand beach in HK, head to the area of Tai Long Wan – Big Wave Bay for a sunny picnic date that will never be forgotten! What’s more – you two can hold hands and take on a cliff jump! Another option could be Cheung Chau, about 45 minutes from the Central pier by ferry, which is a unique place to experience the Hong Kong culture and village life. An escape from reality as such, there is a lot that this tiny island will offer you – solace and romance definitely being one of them!

Click here to read more about mini getaways in Hong Kong.

3. Cycling in Hong Kong

Cycling in HK

Exploring the city on two wheels can be quite interesting and a good way to take in the striking backdrops and cultural atmosphere. Options are quite endless but the path from Tai Wai to Tai Mei Tuk is probably the most well known- and least off the beaten track with signposts and snack stops that punctuate the generally flat and well paved path. Or if you rather an outlying island, Cheung Chau is small, car-free and full of bikes, which makes it the ideal place to explore on two wheels! For a good workout that takes in some of south Lantau’s beautiful scenery by bike, follow the road out of Mui Wo, up to Nam Shan, Pui Wo and as far as Cheung Sha beach which covers some hilly stretches. Bike rental is quite easy and cost effective so all you got to do is take your pick !

4. Treasure Hunt

Freeing HK Treasure Hunt

Touted as an entertainment concept in this new era, how would you like to be the first person in a story and challenge your intelligence while on the clock and being watched? Freeing HK provides the first room escape game in Hong Kong where enabled players are given an opportunity to live out roles in your favorite movie stories. So go ahead, hold her hand, find the hints to solve the riddle and escape from the room before the clock strikes you out, or you will have to bear an inconceivable aftermath! Tick Tock.

Freeing HK  | Causeway Bay –  10/F, Richmond Plaza, 496 Jaffe Road, Tel: +852 2838 9190 | Tsim Sha Tsui – 3/F Kundamal House, 4 Prat Avenue, Tel: +852 2367 1321

5. Kayaking

Kayaking in HK

Water sure has a way of bringing you closer and that is why we are recommending Kayaking! Take advantage of the beautiful and pristine waters and rediscover the city in an experience that you both will enjoy. The Leisure and Cultural Services Department runs five water sports centers in the New Territories and Hong Kong Island that offer a host of activities for water sports enthusiasts.

While rental fees are cheap and locales are scenic, you need a  “Kayak 3-Star Award” (This certificate can only be gained after undertaking a three-day training course at one of the water sports centers. The training fee is small, only HK$30 per day, but time intensive, comprising 24 hours of training in total).

You could also check out private water sports centres or head to  Hoi Ha Wan – that is more adventurous and private! Guided Kayaking trips are also available for beginners so you can check Kayak + Hike in Sai Kung.

6. Flight Experience


You are the pilot and she is your co- pilot as you both prepare to conquer the skies this Valentines Day. Welcome aboard the  high fidelity Boeing 737-800 Flight Simulators where the clouds will bow down to you (well, almost) as your first officer takes you through a flight lesson! But don’t get lost in appreciating the beauty of your company because you need to manage your airspeed, maintain your altitude and watch your heading. You need to be aware of any other traffic in the area, monitor a dazzling array of screens and indicators, and complete the real-life aircraft checklists! I can already feel the adrenaline pumping!

 For more information, visit the official Flight Experience website.

7. Learn how to Make Sushi together

Sushi Making at Masu

How about treating your girlfriend and yourself to something more unique  this Valentine’s Day weekend? On 14th & 15th February, Japanese Restaurant – Masu’s very own Chef Michael Chan will be hosting a Valentine’s Day Sushi Class for couples from 7pm – 9pm. With all the right sushi ingredients, your better half and yourself can  learn the art of sushi making mix and indulge in delicious rolls.

Sushi Making Class Fees $1,160 per couple.

Masu | Shop A, G/F, On Hing Building, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, Tel: +852 2537 7787

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