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By on July 7, 2015

Over the past few years, Parmita Sujan has spent her life learning to appreciate different cultures, design aesthetics and the way colours interact with people from various parts of the world. She was given her first creative breakthrough at The D’vine, where Divia Harilela and her striking opinions about the international fashion runway contributed to her motivations.

Showcasing her dedication, she also interns each summer at IMG Reliance for the Lakmé Fashion Week, to obtain inspiration from the team, as well as the inspiring Head of Fashion Saket Dhankar.

Parmita observed that Indian Couture Labels were conspicuously absent from big ­brand-name stores of Hong Kong, such as Lane Crawford, Joyce, and IT; even online portals such as Net­A-Porter didn’t carry them. She wanted to bridge this gap by introducing Indian designers to global international markets.

Starting her own company, The Wise Design Consultancy (TWD), has provided her with the platform to turn her dreams into reality.

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HKYantoYan: Tell us about The Wise Design Consultancy and the services you provide.

Parmita Sujan: The Wise Design (TWD) Consultancy is Hong Kong’s first Indian and contemporary fashion consulting company. Our objective is to provide a comprehensive global branding strategy for an upstart couture or fashion house.

We focus exclusively on the Indian couture & prêt labels; by shaking them up as edgy and innovative, and staying consistent with the current trend forecasts for the respective season. Studying Graphic Design and Advertising Design in Hong Kong (at the Savannah College of Art and Design) contributed to my desire to blend my Indian roots with contemporary design aesthetics. This drove me to bring Indian fashion houses together and position them as contemporary concepts around the world.

HKYY: Which personalities have been your inspirations, and why?

PS: Both Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Imran Amed have been amazing inspirations to me. The former is not just a marvellous designer, but also a sharp businessman. The latter envisions and presents fashion not just as a mere art form, but also as a creative, viable business.

HKYY: Having worked in the Indian fashion industry, why did you choose Hong Kong as your base?

PS: Working at Lakmé Fashion Week as Social Media and Digital Marketing Consultant for two seasons made me intensely aware that there was a huge market for fashion-as-a-business in the Indian hemisphere.

The richness and historical sacredness of Indian design drew me to work closely with these talented couture houses, and to try to help them gain a foothold in global retail markets. I chose Hong Kong as my base as it has great latent potential and an existing locale of luxury concept stores. As Hong Kong works towards building its creative assets – such as art malls, concept boutiques, Art Basel, etc. – I am hopeful that the creative environment remains inspiring conducive to Art & Design businesses.

HKYY:What are TWD’s future plans? Is there anything exciting coming up?

PS: Our future plans are to remain focused and be selective about choosing our partners. Design is a language and all creative work exists to make a statement. Hence, well-curated and colour-coordinated collections that run parallel with current trends is key to successful implementation.

There are a lot of exciting things and collaborations on the horizon. We have a blocked-up calendar, with highlights including trunk shows in Hong Kong – and we’re entertaining the possibility of fashion shows featuring popular names in the Indian community, both in Hong Kong and the international market.


HKYY: Any tips and suggestions for anyone who wishes to pursue a career as a Fashion Curator?

PS: The sole motive of a fashion curator should be to put together a collection which tells a story through each of its elements – be it colour, design, inspiration or presentation – as the story is what one visualises and brings home.

HKYY: In your opinion, what do you think is the perception of Indian fashion at the global level? How do you think this will change 5 years from today?

PS: Indian Fashion and Design is a well-appreciated art form that brings people together with its intricate designs and embroideries. Over the next 5 years, we aspire to see it mature into an organization in its own right, like WGSN – and hopefully do for the entire Indian Fashion Industry what we do today for individual brands in consulting, curating and positioning.

HKYY: What are your favourite fashion websites or magazines where you get your fashion inspiration from?

PS: I get my inspiration from some of the well-known fashion websites and magazines, such as the Business of Fashion, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.

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