Jean Louis David – The pros of balayage

By on January 17, 2016

Located in the heart of Central, on Queens Road, Jean Louis David is probably one of the swankiest hair salons in Hong Kong, offering some of the most innovative, unique and luxurious hair and beauty treatments.

Jean Louis David Hong Kong

The brightly lit, all white salon is divided into three different sections similar to an airplane with their different categories ie: urban (economy), international (business class) and private suites (first class). I knew I was in for a treat when I was greeted with warm smiles by the staff but was delighted to see Jean Louis David go the extra mile offering clients refreshing cups of infused tea, delicious Italian chocolates, a soothing hand massage from a therapist while getting their hair treated by another specialist.

The Treatment:

Lorena Severi - Jean Louis David HK

As I have extremely unmanageable and messy hair, thanks to the Hong Kong humidity, JLD’s creative head Lorena Severi suggested that I go ahead with a keratin treatment along with a balayage in order to fix the colour. What exactly is Balayage? Balayage, a French word, literally means to sweep or to paint and what it does is gives your hair a soft and natural colour so once it regrows, it looks as natural as ever and the regrowth lines are barely visible. The interesting highlights technique involves using a sponge to carefully create the balayage effect after which the hair is wrapped in plastic instead of the commonly used foiling technique.

The Results:

Balayage in HK

After being in the salon for almost the entire first half of the day, I absolutely loved the results of the keratin and balayage. My hair looks strikingly different and the effect makes it look modern and elegant at the same time giving me an all seasons look. Lorena and her team are thorough experts in the field and I can safely say that if language is a barrier and if you’re looking for a salon with that extra special treatment, then Jean Louis David is the place for you!

An average haircut starts at HK$700, Keratin at HK$800 and Balayage signature treatment at HK$2500.

Jean Louis David, Hong Kong | 12/F, New World Tower 2, 18 Queen’s Rd. Central | 2997-9828

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