HKYantoYan’s Guide to Handling the Humidity in Hong Kong

By on June 6, 2015

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Summer is back, and with it comes the seasonal humidity that Hong-Kongers so frequently curse. It’s not an infrequent sight to see members of the populace fanning their faces to protect themselves from the torrents of sweat dripping down their faces, while lamenting how lethargic the weather has made them. And no walk to the nearest Park-n-Shop is complete without a wet wipe or a towel – nor without grumbling about the stickiness.

But inconvenience aside, neglecting to take proper precautions in the humid weather can also be harmful. In addition to making us feel sluggish, the high humidity can also lead to heat distress and dehydration.

So to welcome the summer season, HKYantoYan gives you a list of tips and tricks to tackle humidity in Hong Kong and keep yourself comfortable.

Drink water 24/7

This can never be emphasized enough – drink water constantly! Carrying a bottle with you at all times and re-filling it when needed can do wonders for your health during a hot summer day. A common misconception is that in humid weather, our bodies don’t need to be rehydrated. On the contrary, you will need more water than ever to fend off the scorching heat, and this is the easiest way to save yourself from heat distress.

Sip on other delicious drinks!
Coconut water is natural and tasty, and will provide you with electrolytes which your body loses when sweating excessively in the hot weather. Alternatively, iced-teas of any flavor – they’re super light, and does wonders to keep you energized throughout the day.

Snack on Light Foods

There’s a saying that when in doubt, fruits and vegetables provide a standard remedy for almost anything. Watermelon, cucumbers, and celery are a few examples of healthy and tasty refreshments that will do your body wonders – both in and out of humid weather! Remember: heavy and fatty foods, sugar, and alcohol absorbs your body fluids rather than restore them, so try and keep your snacking options as light as possible.

What to Wear

Loose-fitting, light clothing are usually your best option in the summer. If your days are void of air-conditioning, fitted clothes will make you sweat more, constrict your body and make you feel hotter. Style yourself with bright summery scarves, but stick to cotton! Not only do these come in gorgeous prints, but they double up as protection from the sun (plus, they’re always handy if you ever need to dab moisture off your face).

Never leave your house without…

Wet-wipes, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Along with bottled water, make sure these items are always in your purses and bags – you’ll never know when you’ll need them to protect yourself from the sun – and wet-wipes are nearly always handy regardless of the weather, especially if you have kids. Sunscreen as always is a lifesaver for keeping your skin shielded from the scorching UV heat. Even when you don’t realize it, the heat and radiation constantly robs your skin of its much needed moisture.

Pamper yourself

Nothing tops the feeling of a cool shower on a hot day; especially during the summer, when your skin traps much more dirt than you probably realize. Shower twice a day, go for facials to clear those clogged pores, and wash your face regularly. Don’t forget: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Moisturizers and creams retain water in your skin – just make sure to choose one that’s best for your skin type!

Keep your Cool

Ever seen those cute mini-fans that your kids just faun over? They’re definitely worth investing in over the summer. Not only are they small, portable, and a big hit with your kids, but they will also keep you cool and refreshed on a very hot day. But if you can’t afford a mini-fan or don’t have one, here’s a tip. Splash cold water on your face and drench your arms. As the water evaporates, it’ll take away some of the heat from your body and leave you feeling much cooler!

Work out…in the heat!
That’s right, exercise in the heat. While you should avoid getting too much exposure to the sun, exercising outdoors is a great way to adapt to the temperature and humidity. Go for a walk (with a hat!), sneak a quick jog into your routine, or just pack a yoga mat and start stretching at your nearest park! However, keep in mind remember to stay hydrated, and have a small towel with you to wipe off any moisture which accumulates.

Dehumidify Your Home  
After you’ve taken enough precautions for yourself, don’t forget to do the same for your home. Invest in a dehumidifier and keep your house safe from humidity-prone insects and fungus growth, and remember to discard the collected water promptly! You can also get silica gel packets and mini de-humidifying packets from Japan Home Centre to keep in your linen closets and cupboards.

Make sure to say safe from the scorching weather – and face the humidity this summer like a pro!




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