Your Guide To Aerial Yoga In Hong Kong

By on June 20, 2018


Melissa Hassett, An Instructor at many studios across HKG

Melissa Hassett, Aerial Yoga Instructor at many studios across HKG

What is Aerial Yoga?

AntiGravity Yoga is the leading proprietorial method in the aerial yoga trend. Developed by former gymnast and dancer Christopher Harrison, AntiGravity Yoga provides a workout that allows you to stretch and strengthen without over-stressing your joints or compressing your vertebrae.

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Hema Mirpuri Aswani, Founder & Managing Partner – The Yoga Room

Hema Mirpuri, Founder & Managing Partner – The Yoga Room says “It is a great way to feel comfortable in inversions and also relieve pressure from the neck and decompress the spine. It allows you to feel safe and at the same time explore new poses.” 

Tamer Begum, AntiGravity Fitness Master Instructor for Asia Pacific shares his experience. He says, “For the first time in my life, I felt my entire spine realign, immediately releasing my tight low back and hips. Moving through the unique sequences on the AntiGravity Hammock allowed me to stretch deeper in proper alignment, and mobility exercises were made far more accessible.” Tamer has been leading the AntiGravity Aerial Yoga Expansion in Hong Kong since 2012.

Tamer Begum

Tamer Begum – AntiGravity Fitness Master Instructor Trainer for Asia Pacific

Let’s compare the Aerial Yoga Classes in different studios of Hong Kong:

Where Locations Trial Class Package Session
Yoga Room Sheung Wan HKD 280 HKD 2000 for 10 classes
Aerial Arts Academy Causeway Bay, Central, TST HKD 100 HKD 1080 for 12 credit pack (2 credits required for each Aerial Yoga class)
Life Fitness Causeway Bay Free HKD 900 for 4 classes
Aum Wan Chai, Hung Hom, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Austin HKD 100 HKD 1800 for 10 classes
Flex Central, Aberdeen HKD 300 HKD 2600 for 10 classes
Pure Fitness Central, Repulse Bay, Admiralty, Quarry Bay, TST, Mong Kok No trial class available HKD 1000 monthly fee of unlimited classes that includes Aerial Yoga, Hot Yoga, Vinyassa etc.
Yoga Bam Bam Sheung Wan HKD 200 HKD 280 each returning visit
Studio MG Causeway Bay HKD 350 for 2 trial classes HKD 2760 for 12 classes

Is it Safe?

The key to AntiGravity Yoga is the hammock – silky fabric that acts as your support system. Using the hammock, you learn to invert and hang suspended in the air. The hammock supports your hips for forward bends and backbends. It acts as your seat for any number of variations on the ab-tastic crunch. Some poses in Aerial Yoga are reminiscent of an Iyengar-style ropes wall. Best of all, the hammock wraps you in your own little cocoon for a gently swaying shavasana.

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