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The Sultan’s Table

It’s not just the food sometimes but the ambience too – that makes your weekend experience more fun! From being a take-away joint at Arbuthnot Road, it is now full-fledged restaurant on 3-5 Old Bailey Street under the name ‘The Sultan’s Table’. The new 56-seat restaurant is juxtaposing contemporary with traditional design with mosaics. The use of the colours red, white and turquoise are epitome of Turkish culture and this restaurant beautifully utilises that aspect.

The Sultan's Table
The Sultan’s Table

The Sultan’s Table turns in to a Shisha lounge post 9.30 PM – allowing a good vacuum period for families with kids to enjoy their dinner hassle-free. It is indeed very considerate on their part to take in to account this aspect of running a restaurant with Shisha. Sultan’s Table demonstrates the growing popularity of Mediterranean food in the city, with locals enjoying the distinctive, yet not too spicy or sweet flavours as well as the Shisha Lounge concept in Hong Kong.

Let’s hop on to the dishes we tried:

Chef Isa Dereli from Denizli, Turkey is the man behind grinding dishes that suit the audience of Hong Kong. Having worked in Bodrum, Moscow, and Marseille, he is an expert in charcoal grilled meat and seafood and has mastered the art of both Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. Using no preservatives, MSG or additives, only the freshest of spices and ingredients are imported directly from Turkey. See full food menu here.

First up was a complimentary Apéritif (A French term for pre-meal for stimulating your appetite) consisting of Ekmek Turkish Bread with Lor Turkish Cheese (tastes like Feta), Olives & Olive Oil mixed in Pomegranate Seeds and Spicy Powder.

Apéritif at The Sultan’s Table

Next was ‘Little Little in The Middle’ for HKD 198 – good enough quantity for 3 people.

A mixed Mezze Platter of: Muhammara (Hot Pepper Dip), Eggplant Delice, Haydari (A Yoghurt-based dip mixed with Garlic & Herbs), Beyaz Peynir (pronounced as Bejaz pejni – White Cheese), Köpoglu (Roasted Eggplants & Garlic). Each dip has its own unique flavour appealing every kind of taste palate. As a quintessential Indian, I’m more of Team Muhammara, my husband was floored by hints of herbs in Haydari.

Little Little in the Middle at the Sultan’s Table

In the Main Course we tried Chicken Skewers (Served with Turkish Rice aka Pilaf), Cheese Pide & Vegetarian Grill.

Chicken Skewers (HKD 228) was so well-marinated that it is bound to remind you of Pind-Da-Swaad.

Chicken Skewers at The Sultan's Table
Chicken Skewers at The Sultan’s Table

Pide (HKD 98) is the middle-eastern Pizza and this in particular was baked with Kesar Greek Cheese and Egg. While it was little bland for us, thanks to our tongues still drooling over spiced Chicken – it is an excellent option for kids who would be happy to receive a boat-shaped Pizza on the table!

Cheese Pide at The Sultan's Table
Cheese Pide at The Sultan’s Table

The Vegetarian Grill (HKD 228) served on sizzling platter consists of grilled veggies such as Tomato, Onions, Carrots, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Zucchini served with home-made Greek sauce. Absolutely perfect for health-conscious people.

The Vegetarian Grill at The Sultan's Table
The Vegetarian Grill at The Sultan’s Table

The Sultan’s Table uplifted our momentum with lavish Desserts with Baklava & Strawberry Cheesecake. Our search and long-last craving for perfect Baklava ended here. It was so beautifully plated with right amount of flavour – not too sweet. For HKD 98, the quantity is fab.

Baklava at the Sultan's Table
Baklava at the Sultan’s Table


Strawberry Cheesecake at the Sultan's Table
Strawberry Cheesecake at the Sultan’s Table

Tell us in comments section below, your experiences of Baklava in Hong Kong?


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