With Lust Stories and Sacred Games, the Indian Entertainment is well on its way to pin themselves on global map. A flurry of crème-de-la-crème Directors of Bollywood are dipping toes in to digital streaming platforms such as Netflix & Amazon Prime to find their new matured audience.

A Still from Netflix Show - Lust Stories
A Still from Netflix Show – Lust Stories

And why wouldn’t they? There is no fear of censorship and every creative artist in the business of entertainment can now put their real story across. There is no monumental pressure of box office numbers and an ultimate opportunity to explore unusual yet fascinating passion projects – that too on a platform with a global audience.

The discerning viewers of this digital streaming platform, are more cosmopolitan, evolving in real time, feeding themselves to some of the superlative work of art.

Picture Courtesy: Indian Express
Picture Courtesy: Indian Express

Take for instance, the success rate of Sacred Games– a 8 part series on Netflix that received instant gratification. Almost everyone binged watched and live tweeted their love for the show last weekend. A gritty adaptation by Vikramaditya Motwane & Anurag Kashyap on Vikram Chandra’s book of same name, Sacred Games was Netflix’s concentrated effort to expand their global line-up.

Netflix produced international runaway hits such as Narcos and Dark, catapulting the shows’ South American and German cast and crew to worldwide fame. “Narcos tells you so much about Colombia, about the people and the vistas and about that part of the world,” Motwane said in his interview with Hindustan Times, comparing his portrayal of the very ‘cinematic’ Mumbai to how Colombia was shown in Narcos. You may call it the restitution of Faizal Khan from Gangs of Wasseypur but on a global level – it may find its niche of gruelling brutality in third world country for the West!

A Still from Netflix Show - Lust Stories
A Still from Netflix Show – Lust Stories

On the other hand, the otherwise traditional Indian audience’s reception towards Lust Stories was surprisingly progressive – because this renewed Indian audience wasn’t shy anymore from accepting the realities about how they could relate to an honest anthology of human desire. And this change in landscape is what is driving the future of Bollywood entertainment towards digital streaming.

A Still from Netflix Show - Sacred Games
A Still from Netflix Show – Sacred Games

With that, we have a pool of Bollywood directors already set with their Web-series launch. Amazon Prime Video is set to launch 10 original shows this year which include Zoya Akhtar’s Made in Heaven – a 10 episode series which revolves around the competition between two wedding firms.

Filmmaker Kabir Khan will be helming his first ever original digital series for Amazon Prime. Titled The Forgotten Army, it is a war epic on Subhash Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army.

Drawing inspiration from HBO’s iconic Game of Thrones series, the Neerja Director Ram Madhvani is gearing up to helm a web series called Bodhi Dharma – A historical series that will trace the story of a warrior prince in 6th century who became the founder of martial arts and Shaolin temple in China.

While the oddest Khan of Bollywood has taken the plunge in to this space with Sacred Games, we are not very far from time when we will spot the other Khans jumping on to the bandwagon and straight on to our Home Screens.


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