Shahrukh Khan wants you to #BeMyGuest

By on June 6, 2018

The resplendent city of UAE – Dubai is hosting the World Expo 2020 – the first ever to be held in the MENA & South Asia. And therefore, it is expected to be the most important in exposition history. It will be held between 20 October 2020 and 10 April 2021. The Expo site, which will cover a total of 438 hectares, is located in the Dubai South district.

Bird's Eye of the Expo 2020 site

Bird’s Eye of the Expo 2020 site; Picture Courtesy: National

Much to everyone’s adoration and a well-known fact by many – Shahrukh Khan (one of the favorite cities of Mr. Khan) has been pulled in to be the driving force as a brand ambassador to express the grandiose, city has to offer. The advertisement surrounding the campaign #BeMyGuest sees Shahrukh in its signature style of endearment welcoming everyone to Dubai.

Bringing together a physical manifestation of the main theme of the Expo, which is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”; the campaign got its first kick of promotion on Whatsapp – a medium rarely been tried so far by any brand. The new SRK commercial was seeded on WhatsApp, and sources say it has already been seen 18 million times so far.

It is rumoured that Shahrukh Khan charged INR 30 Crores for the advertisement, stayed at Burj Al-Arab Hotel’s Royal Suite, travelled in a private jet from Mumbai to Dubai. The narration goes on to credit Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid’s (Ruler of Dubai) wife Rania for the concept and idea behind the commercial. Most WhatsApp users in India have received a forward of this commercial from a friend or someone from the family.

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