Hello, August! A new month, a new beginning in this vivacious city of Hong Kong. Break your monotony  and groove to new tune every weekend this month. We bring you a string of new openings & happenings in the city.

New Speakeasy Bars

British salon Hugger Mugger is concealed behind an unassuming red door on Wyndham Street, set to open in mid-August (Rendering) Credit: Pirata Group
British salon Hugger Mugger concealed behind an unassuming red door on Wyndham Street, set to open in mid-August – Credit: Pirata Group

Hugger Mugger

What differentiates a speakeasy from a bar? Speakeasy is a hippie term to say a hidden bar recreating the vibe of a different era. While this concept is rapidly growing with many secret bars in city, Hugger Mugger is the newest addition, opening Mid-August on Wyndham Street. A British Salon located in Central’s cultural district, the speciality of this bar is spinning cocktails inspired by Britain’s legends.

Masked behind an unassuming red door and down a flight of stairs, Hugger Mugger is a 29-seat space bar. The cocktail menu boasts about carefully crafted classics such as Ian Fleming-inspired dry martinis, Money named after Pink Floyd’s Billboard hit single & Charlie Chaplin’s favourite cocktail featuring apricot brandy, sloe gin and a squeeze of fresh lime, originally created by the comic himself.

Hugger Mugger : Basement, No. 43-55, Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

Monti Tipple @ The Wise King
Monti-Tipple @ The Wise King

The Wise King

From the British legends, now comes a new Cocktail Bar paying tribute to the era of King Alfonso X of Castile. The King’s story is very popular among drinker’s circle who issued a decree that no alcoholic beverage should be served unless it was served with food. Thus, the practice of tapas food and a decadent drinking culture was born.

The cocktail menu at The Wise King bar encapsulates the journey of this era. Some classic mixes like the Turrón Sour (HK$118), inspired by the nougat confection with toasted almond. El Sabio (HK$108) carries fruity hints with a spiced peach & pineapple wine reduction and Cava. The Monti-Tipple (HK$108) features Xeco Amontillado sherry, Gin Mare, Café Vermouth and aromatic choco bitters.

The Wise King : 25 Staunton Street, Basement in Tsung Wing Lane, Central, Hong Kong,

New Restaurants & Menu

Embracing the philosophy that Life is Chai, Chaiwala offers a dramatic backdrop of creativity for lively and vibrant nights out

Chaiwala (Taking reservations from 7th August, 2018)

As our taste buds are evolving, thanks to social media and global explorations – Indian cuisine has found its fuse with modern twists. A new luxe dining destination in Central’s cultural district, Chaiwala promises just that!

Launching in mid-August on Wyndham Street, British salon Hugger Mugger serves as the entrance to Chaiwala through a majestic, wooden door. Along with dining space, Chaiwala’s interiors has a dedicated space for the Chai bar as well – pinning Indian’s love for Chai in luxury.

The menu consists of sharable sized dishes that encompass flavours from Kerala to Kashmir, Indian-inspired cocktails infused with ginger, cloves and bay leaves are at its core . Must try Indian beverages lassi and Chaiwala’s signature chai tea latte complete the drinks list.

Chaiwala : Basement, No. 43-55, Wyndham Street, Central

Matsu Kinoko (Japanese Mushrooms) : Tamanegi (Japanese term for Onions) : Peanuts : Dried Olives @ Haku


If you are a peculiar non-meat eater who dreads to explore any other International cuisine, this Japanese restaurant has launched a special vegetarian menu, just for you.

Chef Agustin Balbi has crafted a spectacular plant-based dishes priced at HK$800+10% per person for a 6-course menu. Guests will start with 4 types traditional welcome vegetarian snacks, followed by the first dish of Shio tomato, Shiso (Japanese version of cilantro), fermented black olive oil, sunflower seeds. This is followed by the Matsu kinoko (Japanese Mushrooms), Tamanegi (Japanese term for onion), peanuts, dried olives. Then comes the staple summer street snack in Japan where Tomorokoshi (Japanese grilled corn) is fired over the grill and enjoyed simply with soy sauce. Combining it with Manchego (Spanish Cheese), Chanterelles (wild mushrooms) and Togarashi (Japanese Capsicum) with Koshihikari rice / Kubota vegetables and Okazu (side dishes). For dessert, you will be treated to Hakuhou peach, yogurt foam, granita.

Haku: Shop OT G04B, Ground Floor, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui

Renewed Bar Menus

Sabatini Gin & Aegean Tonic @ The Old Man
Sabatini Gin & Aegean Tonic @ Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour

Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour

Another glamourous speakeasy bar tucked away in the basement of The Landmark, Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour spins gin-based cocktails. Believed by Dr. Robben Fern to cure any ailment or stress-related palpitations, gin is the purest distillation of herbs and botanicals deriving from the predominant flavour of junipers. The unusual prescriptions range from fabulous renditions of the classic Gin & Tonic created from Hong Kong’s largest collection of gins, to a delicious selection of curated bar bites.

Out of exotic range, one that we are excited to try is Italian inspired Sabatini Gin(HK$160). Apparently, there are nine Tuscan botanicals in Sabatini Gin, including juniper, coriander, iris, fennel, lavender, olive leaves, thyme, verbena and orange. At Dr. Fern’s, the gin is paired with Aegean Tonic and is simply dressed with a garnish of olive, cardamom and thyme. Yum!

Dr. Ferns Gin Parlour : Shop B31A, First Basement Floor, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

The Old Man
Garden of Eden #1985 @ The Old Man – infuses rotovap honeydew rye whiskey with goat’s milk bourbon, caramelised sauterne, cordial and orange-phosphate bitter

The Old Man

The Old Man (Ranked fifth on the Asia’s best bar list) is led by same team who are launching The Wise King. Paying tribute to distinguished writer & drink lover Ernest Hemingway, the renewed menu of this speakeasy bar is intriguing. Priced at HK$120 + 10% each, the “Best of the Old Man” menu offers a unique take on Hemingway’s oeuvre that showcases the tastes, smells and colors of the cocktails he enjoyed and placed so prominently in his stories. A Movable Feast #1964, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Hills Like White Elephants, The Sun Also Rises, The Torrents of SpringGarden of Eden #1985,  In Our Time #1924 are some names of the drinks, each delivering fascinating backgrounds on their ingredients, their histories and the characters.

The Old Man: Lower G/F, 37-39 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong


  1. Review Chaiwala: took my family n friends for dinner last night to Chaiwala (celebrating my husbands birthday and his love for Indian desi food!!)
    Ambience – lovely decor. However music was too loud to have conversation! Could do better with turning down the decibel level.
    Drinks- watered down – had to be sent back.
    Food- appetisers were ok but the rest rather bland. Definitely not Pirata Group quality.
    Service- Abominable!!!
    Excuse- the kitchen is slammed!!!
    Am I going back there??? A Definite NO.
    Such a shame.


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