Looking out to traveling to a new hotspot in the Philippines? Time to rejoice, Cebu Pacific Air has recently launched twice weekly direct services from Hong Kong to Iloilo, the second oldest city in the Phillippines, also known as the “Queen City of the South”.

The new Hong Kong – Iloilo service further strengthens CEB’s position as the airline with the most flights, routes and destinations between the Philippines and Greater China. Iloilo is located on the south coast of Panay Island and is known for its colorful cultural Dinagyang Festival.

The vibrant & colourful Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo

If you end up going to Iloilo around the fourth weekend of January, don’t forget to check out The Dinagyang Festival, celebrated to honor the Christianization of the natives and to respect the Holy Child Jesus. During this day, streets of Iloilo City will turn extremely vibrant as the Ilonggos celebrate their annual festival with a very loud and colourful parade coupled with a dramatization in honor of the patron Saint Sto. Niño as the object of performs offerings and prayers amidst the cracking of drums and shouts of “Viva Señor Santo Niño.” The thundering of “Hala Bira” by the tribe members makes the celebration a lively one. It is also a very popular tagline used by Ilonggos to express their warm participation during the “Dinagyang” celebration.

The islands of Gigantes Sur and Gigantes Norte, fully known as Islas de Gigantes, are located at the northeastern part of Iloilo (approximately 18 kilometers off the coast of mainland Panay). Known for having one of the richest fishing grounds in the Philippines, Northern Iloilo (including Islas de Gigantes) also has a lot of white sands beaches and plenty of exciting water sports activities for all.

In its 16th year of operations, CEB has flown over 65 million passengers. It offers the lowest fares and the most extensive route network in the Philippines, with 32 Philippine and 19 international destinations on more than 90 routes.

For more information or inquiries,  log onto Cebu Pacific Air’s official site here.


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