Besides being one of the world’s fashion capitals, Milan has much more to offer than its Italian luxury brand boutiques. Italy’s most modern city is small and safe and can be a refreshing weekend getaway from one of the busier cities in Europe. Stay at a hotel walking distance from Centrale station, and the whole city is just a short walk away.


 Piazza del Duomo

Located in the heart of the city, Milan’s cathedral is its most famous sight of architecture and coves over 600 years of history. Amidst the stain glass windows with intricate design on the large walls and tall ceilings, you can light a candle as a form of prayer or an offering. The panoramic view of Milan is visible from on top of the Duomo – climb a few steep floors from inside the cathedral or take the elevator to reach the very top and walk across the entire cathedral.

TIP: Girls – wear clothes below knee length and avoid strappy clothes – don’t show much skin or they won’t let you inside the cathedral!

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is formed by two arcades of food and shopping and has a glass dome at the centre. It covers the street and connects the Duomo and the opera house, La Scala.

The Navigli Canals

It’s not Venice but the closest you may get to see in Milan – Navigli connects all five canals – all accessible in just one relaxing boat ride. Small but cute, the Navigli canal is surrounded by small eateries and cafes. Being one of the most romantic neighborhoods in the city, spend a few hours here with a loved one to enjoy the sunrise over breakfast.


Along with the luxury brand shopping at the Galleria in Duomo and in areas such as Montenapoloene with high fashion boutiques, you can enjoy shopping at reasonable prices in the fashion capital.

Buenos Aires

There are often bargains at famous fast fashion brand and local Italian brand stores at Corso Buenos Aires. A bustling area with over 350 shops, this is the busiest and biggest shopping street in Milan.


Campari Soda, anyone?

The nightlife in Milan is not big on dancing the night away in huge clubs – it’s more about sitting down for a drink or going to its popular lounges and sipping a Campari.

Corso Como 

A street surrounded with small bars and seating filling the centre, Corso Como is a pleasant place to catch up over a drink in the early evenings. The shopping complex, 10 Corso Como, is also situated in the area.

Just Cavalli and Old Fashion Club 

Left – Just Cavalli Club & Right – Old Fashion Club

Located a stone’s throw away from one another in the Sempione Park Area, the two clubs usually have a long wait but are popular for dancing till the break of dawn.

The Emporio Armani Café/Trussardi Café

Located close to each other and at a walking distance from the Duomo, both places serve delicious food and are a good option for lunch before heading to the Duomo. Limited vegetarian options are available at the Emporio Armani Café and none at the Trussardi Café.

Montenapoleone: Bulgari Hotel/Armani Hotel

You cannot miss this. The area is filled with luxury brand boutiques – Gucci, Versace, Prada to name a few. Posh and pleasant to take a walk, you must visit the Bulgari Hotel during the sunset. The outdoor area of the hotel’s lounge is secluded with large tables and sofa seating perfect for a romantic night in the stunning city. On a day when you’re tired from hanging out in the Duomo area, treat yourself with a drink and some canapés during happy hour at the Armani Hotel lounge which is only a walk away.

Milan has something for everyone – the best part is how places are all accessible by foot if you stay in Centrale, and you won’t have to take a taxi all the time. Not too many people understand English, so always carry a map and you will never be lost due to places all being at proximity.

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