Hiking in general is a great activity to do anywhere, but hiking in Hong Kong is fantastic! There are so many options, difficulty level and gorgeous views everywhere! For those who either are new to hiking, or want to take it easy but still hike, here are 5 easy hikes in Hong Kong and how to do each one of them.


View from the Top: CAPE D’AGUILAR; Photo Courtesy: Hong Kong Hiking Lover
View from the Top: CAPE D’AGUILAR
Photo Courtesy: Hong Kong Hiking Lover

The Cape D’Aguilar is a cape in the south of Shek O and D’Aguilar Peak on southeastern Hong Kong. It is one of the easiest trails and achievable hike for beginners. The breathtaking views and vast expanse of blue, you will witness the sky and the sea meet. Given the intense hear, do not forget your sun protections – cap, sunscreen lotions and ample amount of water.

The hike is stroller friendly and pet friendly hike.

Travel:Take the MTR to Shau Kei Wan (Hong Kong Island line), exit at A3. Then find boarding station ‘J’ where you will take bus #9 from Shau Kei Wan MTR and back. Get off a Cape D’Aguilar Road.

The WOW Factor: Marine Reserves, Natural Cave Formations, 143 Year Old Lighthouse named after Major General Sir George Charles D’Aguilar

There is more information about CAPE D’AGUILAR hike at Hong Kong Hiking Lover.


Picture Courtesy: Hong Kong Hiking Lover

This trail is on the east of Hong Kong Island. It is a very short trail which is ensconced near the Lei Yun Mun holiday village park. If you are an avid lover of world war history then this is a trail you must try! There are structures which were built by the British to protect Hong Kong from Japanese invasion to house their ammunition. The views from the top are lovely too. You can see Chai Wan from a distance and the tall skyscrapers of Lohas Park too – besides the lovely sea and mountains in the distance.

This is a stroller friendly, child friendly hike only it is a bit sloped.

Travel:Take the MTR to Sai Wan Ho and just outside Exit A is the number 14 bus which takes you to Stanley. Alight at the Lei Yun Mun Holiday Village bus stop and turn left and walk up the slope. To your right there will be a board stating Sai Wan Ho Fort Morning Trail. Start climbing those tiny steps

Witness more scenic views and details on Hong Kong Hiking Lover


View from the Top: BLACK LINK'S TRAIL Picture Courtesy: Hong Kong Hiking Lover
View from the Top: BLACK LINK’S TRAIL
Picture Courtesy: Hong Kong Hiking Lover

This is the ‘baby’ of all hikes as it can’t get easier than this. This is a very short 1 hour walk very close to the Police museum near the end of the Wan Chai Gap Road. Lovely views of the city as well as shaded sitting areas on the way if you need to take a break too.

This is a stroller friendly and pet friendly hike.

Travel:You take the number 15 bus that goes to the Peak just outside Admiralty MTR exit C1 Queensway Plaza to the right. Alight at Wan Chai Gap Road stop which is opposite the start of the trail.

More pictures and elaborate guide to this hike on Hong Kong Hiking Lover


QUARRY BAY TREE WALK Picture Courtesy: Hong Kong Hiking Lover

Picture Courtesy: Hong Kong Hiking Lover

This is a beautiful, shaded hike with a little dash of history at the side. Yes, you need to climb up a teensy weensy bit of Mount Parker green trail which is a concrete slope to reach the Quarry bay tree walk but it is absolutely worth it. If you follow the route as mentioned in my blog, you will come face to face with beautiful waterfalls and chirpy birds and butterflies along the way. This is my go to trail when I need to meditate. I feel a sense of calm perched on the rocks just watching the waterfalls gushing melodiously.

This is not a stroller friendly hike but you can take children and pets.

Travel:Take the MTR to Quarry Bay exit at A. Go toward the Mount Parker Green Trail.

To find more in-depth info on the Quarry Bay Tree Walk hike, Click Here.


TAI TAM RESERVOIR HIKE Picture Courtesy: Hong Kong Hiking Lover

Picture Courtesy: Hong Kong Hiking Lover

This is one of the most beautiful hikes where on clear days you will get reflection of the majestic hills in the crystal clear waters of the reservoir. You will get to see beautiful Koi fish swimming happily in the reservoir waters and you will come across beautiful flora and fauna along the way. This is a family hike for sure as there are myriad barbecue sites where many host barbecues with picturesque views served as dessert. Post the reservoir, there are slopes that have to be climbed but they are all concrete are pretty easy. This trail is stroller friendly and child friendly provided your child loves walking up slopes. I have done this trail with my son when he was 4 years old so yes it varies from child to child. But this is a must-do hike.

There are various ways to reach the top of Mount Parker but the one I have mentioned is the easier, stroller friendly hike. This is also a very pet friendly hike too; I know Dougie my canine 11 month old loved it.

Travel: Take the number 14 bus from Sai Wan Ho MTR exit A bus stop and alight at Tai Tam country park, Tai Tam Road. Do not forget to tap out as you get an HKD 2.8 rebate.

More pictures and info of this hike can be found HERE.

Do you know any other easy hikes in Hong Kong? Let us know in the comments section below.



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