In our opinion, the heartfelt affair with Bollywood began with the Classic Movies where we had Bachan, Rajesh Khanna, Vinod Khanna, Dharmendra and our dream girl Hema Malini.

It was back then when the audience could relate themselves to the characters to the extent of tearing up when the hero wept and springing into dance when the hero sang songs of joy!

And to agree with us, we have our dear viewers of sharing their connection with their favourite evergreen Classic Bollywood Movie.

Zanjeer, Anand, Namak Haraam & Sholay by Abhimanyu Narayanmoorthy

A Still From The Movie Zanjeer
A Still From The Movie Zanjeer

From the period of the early ’70s, two or three films stand out. Amitabh Bachchan was just blooming and the first evidence for his future populist title “Angry Young Man” was seen with this Role as a Fiercely Motivated Police Inspector in the film Zanjeer. The Rest, as they say, is History.  The label of Super Star, however, was awarded for the first time in the Hindi Film Industry to Rajesh Khanna, who dethroned  Rajendra Kumar as the Silver Jubilee Star.  Several of Rajesh Khanna’s film crossed the 50 Weeks Mark but two films in which the AB and RK  came together were, Anand first and then Namak Haraam, both of them are all-time favourites.

Then Sholay came along and rewrote history. It ran for over seven years at the Minerva Cinema and there were several families who made it their annual Diwali ritual to go and watch Sholay.

The Songs of the yesteryears had a significant role in making the films themselves to be memorable.

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Sholay by Rupesh Kambli

A Still From The Movie Sholay - Classic Hindi Movie
A Still From The Movie Sholay

My favourite movie in the 1970s is none other than superhit Blockbuster of all time Sholay. I love each and every character of the films and their dialogues and acting by everyone in the movie and the storyline is simply great. Each and every character in the movie have very different shadows and nature. People are still singing the songs of the movie and my favourite is “Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Toddnge”

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Hare Rama Hare Krishna by Kritika Kumar

A Still From The Movie Hare Krishna Hare Ram
A Still From The Movie Hare Krishna Hare Ram

My all-time favourite Classic Bollywood Movie is Hare Rama Hare Krishna.
I remember as a kid – watching this movie and being really intrigued by the storyline. I especially love two things:
1. The music – Phoolon Ka Taaro Ka & obviously Dum Maro dum – absolute classic songs, and
2. Zeenat Aman’s style – completely nailed the hippie look and is an iconic look.

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Chupke Chupke by Somya Mathur

A Still from the movie Chuke Chupke
A Still from the movie Chupke Chupke

I love watching Chupke Chukpe by Hrishikesh Mukherjee who was (and still is) mum’s favourite Director. I watched Chupke Chupke with her for the first time and I remember rolling with laughter..non-stop!

Such a fantastic story and what a stellar casting! From big roles to small ones all the characters feel real. And the series of hilarious situations created by Dharmendra’s character Dr Tripathi’s makes me laugh out loud. It’s truly a masterpiece.

(Also, Now it’s on Shemaroo’s YouTube channel, go watch it)
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Padosan by Avelina Singh

A Still From The Movie Padosan - Classic Hindi Movie
A Still From The Movie Padosan – Classic Hindi Movie

My favourite movie from the 60s is the finest romcom of its time – Padosan, featuring Kishore Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Saira Banu and Mehmood. The comic timing of all the characters is flawless which combined with a great plot leaves you in splits.

My favourite scene from the movie is the singing duel between Sunil Dutt/Kishore Kumar and Mehmood and I have watched it a countless number of times.

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We at HKYantoYan were not entirely surprised when most of our patrons listed movies from the 70s as their Favourite Classic Bollywood Movie. After all, it was then that the cinema had laid a foundation to scripts that bled of real-life emotions like anger, hardships, broken relationships, seductions etc. Something that was apart from the romance and storytelling scripts in the 60s.

Please share your Favourite Classic Bollywood Movie in the comments below. And if you can list down why, that would be even better!

Humbly waiting for your response [bet it’s going to be from the 70s ;)]


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