Fashion has always been part and parcel of the basics. Honestly, one’s personal choice in clothing somewhere expresses their personality. It is the designers who juggle between the old trends and new for you to Express and Cherish The True You. Hence, is here to introduce the reliable Indian Fashion Designers In Hong Kong.


A Jodha Design - Indian Fashion Designers in Hong Kong
A Jodha Design

Jodha the label was founded by three mesmerizing Indian ladies namely Angelina, Lavina, and Shanti Sadhwani. The inspiration behind their fusion designs come from floral impressions, architecture, and contrasting environments. Since 2016, the year Jodha started, they have aimed to kindle lasting impressions for their clients with a prime focus on easy-wear. If you are somebody who invests large chunks of money on wardrobe collections, you will not be disappointed with what this demi-couture occasion wear brand has in store.

Jodha |

Mer Culture

A Mer Culture Design - Indian Fashion Designers in Hong Kong
A Mer Culture Design

Well, this is one of the Indian Fashion Designers in Hong Kong who is all about making you feel comfortably sexy. Yes, that’s a difficult combination to attain for most women but Natasha J Cotton, the soul behind Mer Culture, makes it possible through her swimwear designs. She puts all body types into consideration while always expressing the unorthodox modern style inspired by classics on best Italian fabric in the market. Combining versatility, unique colors and patterns from around the globe, Mer Culture stands out to be a statement swimwear brand.

Mer Culture | G/F, 52 Staunton St, Central, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 98175387 |


An Aanya Design - Indian Fashion Designers In Hong Kong
An Aanya Design

Aanya, a word taken from the Sanskrit vocabulary, is a brand that gives each woman a chance to express themselves creatively through outfits. Ishita Desai, the Indian Designer behind this Hong Kong-based brand, aims to empower the rural and tribal women of India. She does so by employing them and training them to bring her designs to life. With this act, Desai zips the mouths of those who make excuses of being in a different country altogether, therefore, not being able to help their motherland.

Aanya |


A Baysiclove Design - Indian Fashion Designers In Hong Kong
A Baysiclove Design

Dimple Weekes’s actress background and interest in fashion helped spot a lack of pocket-friendly glamorous resort-wear when she moved to Hong Kong over two years ago. Grabbing this gap as an opportunity, Dimple started with Baysiclove; a brand that made its way up through countless pop-up shops and bazaars. Having been deeply rooted in India for a lengthy time, she incorporates all those experiences into her resort-wear designs. Each piece made with quality Indian materials and hand-work. So, the next time you have a spa treatment or a sundowner on your calendar, experience it in a Baysiclove.

Baysiclove | A-12, Scenic Villa Drive, Pok Fu Lam, Hongkong | Tel: +852 97317104 |

Jina Shili

A Jina Shili Design - Indian Fashion Designers In Hong Kong
A Jina Shili Design

Jina Shili is a brand founded by a mother-daughter duo. These two Indian Fashion Designers in Hong Kong give fashion a new perspective with every design they create. Illustrations here are of the extremes from traditional to western and from playful to formal. Playing around with various shapes and cuts, you will always find yourself in awe of Jina Shili outfits. Moreover, once you are in it, be prepared to have a lot of stary eyes gazing at you.

Jina Shili | Tel: +852 98258052

Damn, aren’t these Indian Designers in Hong Kong amazing and their designs breathtaking! If you’ve had a chance to include any of these labels in your wardrobe, we’d like to know what did it feel like wearing the outfit. Please do share it in the comments below 🙂


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