Halloween is the one time of the year where not only children but adults too get to play dress up!

The year of twenty-nineteen has been remarkably generous in terms of themes that can be used as inspiration for the Halloween Costumes. Hence, we at HKYantoYan.com are here to sum it all up so, you can hunt and/or prepare the craziest yet suitable outfit for Halloween 2019! 


In this genre, characters from Marvel Comics take the lead! The 2019 release of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ allows us to pay tribute to the most cherished character – Thanos (well, Iron Man too).

Here are some ideas –

Fat Thor

Fairly easy to put together – especially if you’ve got a bit of a gut.


Grab a purple hoodie, oven mitt, some gold/yellow paper and paint the town purple! 👿

Doctor Strange

We’re thinking a red towel, a blue bed-sheet, yellow Frisbee and a lot of attitude (plus hand-waving). Seriously, if you can accomplish this look for halloween, you would be ‘one in a fourteen million six hundred and five‘.

Captain Marvel

A new-comer to the marvel superhero scene – Captain Marvel(le) will be all the rage this Halloween season. Cheap polyester costume is available to buy online  – so don’t wait for it to go out-of-stock.

There are many other options – from Ant-Man, Black-Widow, Scarlet Witch, to Fury and normal Hulk (with a Taco). It’s going to be a tough pick for those who are looking forward to the Superhero theme for this Halloween.


It is going to be a fun ride for kids with getting the chance to impersonate their ideal Fairy Tale character. Especially if parents take the sweetest decision ever of choosing to be a part of their child’s own little fairy tale!

Here we would list Maleficent the hit of 2014 which is now coming up with another sequel in 2019. Seeing a mother-daughter duo dressed up as Maleficent and Aurora will be a treat to the eye.

We also know that Frozen has continued to be a craze since the time of its release in 2013. And with its sequel releasing in November, the children will be thrilled to dress up like Elsa, Anna or Olaf (the cute little snowman secretly loved by everyone).

Oh and not to forget, the remake of Aladdin surely has the kids gaga over Princess Jasmine, the notorious thief Aladdin. But somehow we think that the creepy version of the Genie would be quite popular this season!


Game Of Thrones, the most-watched show of HBO has spectacular characters like Cersei Lannister – who’s cunning and shrewd, but at heart still a loving mother and a sister! While her costumes may be expensive, just get a skin color leotard, and ask a friend to walk behind you with a bell, chanting “Shame…shame”.

Stranger Things

If you and your pals are planning on hitting a Halloween Party, y’all should consider pulling off the most popular group of friends this season! 

This season of Stranger things offers many choices. From the 80’s Jim Hopper, to the funky shirts and body suits of El.

Or  you and your significant other can also dress up in the Scoop’s Ahoy! uniforms – how cute.

But we feel that the break-through costume of this Halloween could be of the much loved Alexie.


Last but surely not the least we have Money Heist on this list. Again, a lot of characters options but, who are we kidding, we all want to go for the red hoodie jumpsuit and Dali Mask, don’t we?


Want to go out this Halloween as a family (especially with another family)?

Us, the 2019 horror film was refreshing when it came to its twisted suspenseful plot. Clearly, it will be a lot similar to the Money Heist costume but, the trick here is to create or be somebody’s doppelganger. Clearly pulling that off will be quite a challenge so you can just do the crazy family of 4 this Halloween 2019!

Brightburn - Halloween 2019 Costume

Another promising costume could be Brightburn. Though it is much like the plot of superman it didn’t live up to the high expectations. Brightburn is about an evil kid, and it would be a great opportunity to let your kid play an evil character outside the house too.


Disney is showering us with remakes and, we find ourselves so so lucky for that! Growing up, Lion King has been one of the most favourites and seeing the kids of today getting to experience it already makes it a better place to be! Parents, please pass on the legacy and dress your kids up as cute little lion cubs (roar!!!).

Another movie that filled us up with nostalgia and laughter is the Warner Bros. Pictures – Pokémon Detective Pikachu. Dressing the little ones up in any of these anime pocket monsters will 100% make them one the cutest furballs that might have ever existed!

Just like we have our share of dragons in Game Of Thrones, the kids have their share of dragons in – How To Train Your Dragon. And kids just happen to love them cause they are wholly cute, helpful and playful!

The kids indeed have an incredible pool of costume options for Halloween 2019. Honestly, if you are overwhelmed with the blast from the past, you too should espouse your favourite cartoon or fairy tale character!

P.S. Only if you manage to find a full-size suit :p 

We are sure you have some great ideas too! So, put them down in the comments section below and inspire us 😀


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