When Hindi Meets Happy Valley…

Over the past year, Happy Wednesday has spent a frigid winter in Japan, spring in France and ‘Oktober’ in Germany… thus what better place than ‘Bollywood’ to soak in the rays of the summer months? On June 3rd and 10th, Hong Kong Jockey Club bringing you EXACTLY that! For the first time in the history of Happy Wednesday, Happy Valley Racecourse will bringing in the sights, sounds and sizzling smells of India, inviting racegoers from all walks of life to join them in a colorful, exotic international extravaganza. With a plethora of options ranging from culture to cuisine, every last dish, dance and decoration will manifest the spirit of Bollywood cinema – so gather your posse and join them for two unforgettable nights at the races!

Games & Entertainment: Music, Melodrama and Mayhem!

For two weeks in June, Bollywood nights at Happy Wednesday promises to be a full on Paneer party! Don’t miss any of their exciting Bollywood-themed activities or entertainment options that they’ve lined up specifically for racegoers at the track!

Musical Masala…

bollywood 4

Check out our daring and dazzling Bollywood Dancers! With a blend of classic Bollywood dance fused with elements of modern street styles, you’ll never be able to tear your attention away from their moves, costumes and accessories!

Handy Henna…

bollywood 1

Get your personal trackside tattoo done in the flavor of traditional henna, bestowing  on your skin the artsy and spiritual – and of course, very temporary – Indian folk art. Take your henna’d hands home and show off your dazzling digits to your friends and family!

Get Your Sari Snaps …

Ever wondered what your radiant face would look like on a Bollywood poster? Well, look no further than the Sari Snaps Photo Booth, where you can dress up to your heart’s delight and feature on a Bollywood poster of your choice! Don’t worry about achieving that sparkling celeb look – there are loads of costumes on hand to help you assemble Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, or your favorite Bollywood star du jour!

Be Seen With the Stars…

While they ‘re not exactly the posh personalities of the silver screen, our cast of gorgeous, costumed Happy Wednesday ambassadors look just like them, and are readily available for a sneaky selfie! Fool your friends by posting the results on Facebook, and then tell them you’re pretty sure you’ve just met Shahrukh Khan. Or was it Deepika Padukone?

Games & Prizes: Be A Slumdog Millionaire

Snap a Shot to Win a Samsung Smartphone!

Starring in your very own Bollywood poster is reason enough to drop by the Sari Snaps Photo Booth, but as an added incentive we’re hooking you up with one of the biggest prizes of the year! Upload your completed poster onto Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #HWParty #Bollywoodparty and the owner of the most outstanding entry will walk home with a brand new Samsung S6 Smartphone!

Dining: A Mouthful of Mumbai


Whether it’s dipping buttery naan into fragrant curries or sampling succulent, tandoori-grilled meats, experiencing authentic gourmet Indian cuisine is simply second-to-none. Our trackside kiosks boast a featured menu specially crafted by the resident Indian chef, so loosen your belt and save some belly real estate, because you won’t want to miss any of our delicious eats!


Minced Indian Lamb Tikka with Tomato Chutney 印度羊肉串配蕃茄醬
Indian Naan with Cheese & Sesame 印式烤薄餅(芝麻及芝士)
Snacks (Onion Bhaji, Pani Puri, Samosa Chat & Pokora) 印式炸什錦及洋蔥圈
Chicken Rajala with Coconut Rice 印度青咖哩雞配椰香飯
Indian Beef Shank and Okra Curry with Yellow Rice 印度牛面頰秋葵咖哩配黃飯

You Can’t Beat the Bollywood Buffet at Adrenaline!


Not to be outdone by the Bollywood festivities, the fine folks at Adrenaline are looking east from the Mediterranean to embrace some Mumbai munchies! Both culture and cuisine will be on open display for two weeks in June, as the popular buffet adds a selection of Indian items to the menu to energize guests, together with a complimentary henna hand print. The traditional use of ground plant paste as a dye in the creation of these gorgeous temporary tattoos blesses their wearer with good luck, which is bound to come in handy at the track. Don’t miss a second of the fun at Adrenaline!


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