Asmi Udassi is a self-taught Indian Artist who lived in Hong Kong for a couple of years working as an art teacher. Doing so, she made it a point to relate to the children and help them express their feelings through arts. In this very surrounding, she developed her only dream: to express her feelings through arts. That then gave birth to “Durga- The Courage” series. Despite of having to move back to Manila, she still continued her work on the series and is now soon coming to Hong Kong to share it with us.

For now, HKYantoYan presents to you Asmi Udassi’s journey of artworks in her own words:

2009 Manila:

I was studying for my Chartered Accountancy exams and whilst waiting for my exam results I decided to learn this new skill – sketching. I found a teacher who was a caricature artist in Manila and he taught me the basics of sketching with pencils and color pencils. I was stupefied to find out that I could draw well. He was impressed with my dedication and realised that since I was a fast learner, introduced me to painting and portraits. In no time, I found myself obsessed with my new-found love of sketching and painting, and I started spending multiple hours in a day on painting or reading literature about paintings.

Portrait Artworks By Asmi Udassi
My Early Sketch

2011 Mumbai:

After living in Manila for 2 years we returned back to our homeland, but my passion for painting was now engraved in me. I had completed my Chartered Accountancy so I had more time to devote to art. I was motivated to improvise but was frustrated with the fact that I knew so little about Arts and painting. I was fortunate to meet Professor Salve and Anil Parande Sir. Although my pregnancy caused some delay, I held on to my dream of becoming an artist. I had already given a shape and form to my feelings in my mind, and I was keen to show this vision to the world through my paintings. I wasn’t satisfied with my creationsand so I went under tutelage of different art teachers. Finally, I met my mentor and guardian Mr Kurlekar, who taught me to find my own flaws & rectify them.

Acrylic Painting Artworks By Asmi Udassi
Artwork By Asmi Udassi

2014 Hong Kong:

My husband’s job transfer brought me to Hong Kong, where I continued to devote my time to learn painting and I even continued to keep connect with my mentor Mr Kurlekar, through skype sessions. I soon got an opportunity to teach Arts to children, where I was able to relate with them and make them express their ideas through Arts. Teaching Arts is a different form of learning in itself. I would get a whole sense of fulfillment when I could see how my fascination for artworks easily gets transferred in kids, and we would unanimously enjoy the beauty of Arts. I also started painting for close friends and exhibited some of my smaller artworks at small Art fairs organized in Hong Kong. Amidst all this, my ultimate dream was to create artworks expressing my feelings, and this gave shape to “Durga – The Courage” series.

2018 Manila:

Life has come to a full circle as I had to move back to Manila, where it all started. And this is where I completed the remaining paintings of 13-piece series Durga – The Courage conceptualised in Hong Kong. Since then, I have hosted a series of workshops along with my multi- talented friend Ayana, where we exchanged our learnings and helped many more to be part of our love for art. My aim has always been to spread the passion for art and also create a realisation that art is not only a medium but an expression of your thoughts and feelings where expertise is not always needed. Drawing, Painting and sketching is a beautiful way of expressing oneself without words but can be sensed by many and touch the hearts of all. I would just like to end with the quote I recently heard from Master A.R. Rahman “when you lose yourself, you find Art.”

Durga Beauty Artworks By Asmi UdassiDurga- The Beauty
30” X 22” Oil & Acrylic Artwork by Asmi Udassi
Maa Durga depicted as “Beauty” embellishedwith jewelry & adorned with extravagant attire,
reflecting Courage through her expression.

Durga- The Courage
An exhibition of Artworks by Asmi Udassi
When: 6-9th September 2018
Where: Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, 7 Kenney Rd, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong.


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