Gazing into the Myth – Solo Exhibition of Jayasri Burman

By on March 12, 2014

Thursday – Sunday, 20 – 23 March 2014

Jayasri Burman's solo art exhibition

Gallery Sumukha (Bengaluru, India) presents “Gazing into the Myth”, a solo exhibition of renowned Indian artist Jayasri Burman (b. 1960, Calcutta, India), whose works draw from Indian mythology and folk tales, often celebrating the empowerment of women through the traditional language of the sacred in Hinduism. There has been a wide demand of contemporary Indian art in Hong Kong and this exhibition is not to be missed for all art lovers.

Burman is known for her paintings that are contemporary narrations of popular Hindu mythologies. Deities under her paintbrush are often portrayed in an elaborately picturesque setting, featuring lush environments rich in fauna and flora. To achieve vivid portrayals of the deities, she has developed an effective use of water colours, pen and ink, with hues that echo indigenous organic pigments. Strong clear lines and flat colours with marginal shading, as practised in pre-colonial Indian paintings, are seen in Burman’s works.

About Jayasri Burman

Jayasri Burman (b. 1960, Calcutta, India) graduated in art from Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan, Visual College of Art Calcutta in 1980, and later pursued her education under Monsier Ceizerzi in France. Based in New Delhi, Burman has been exhibited through many major galleries in India and abroad since the 1980s. Recent solo exhibitions include “Fables and Folklore”, Art Musings at Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai (2010); “Sacred Feminine”, Art Musings, Mumbai (2006); and “Fairytales and Laments: The Mythology of Jayasri Burman”, Arts India, Palo Alto (2005). Burman has also participated in a number of group exhibitions, including: “Art Stage Singapore”, Singapore (2013); “Art Toronto” Focus Asia, Toronto Canada, (2012); and “Aureus 2011”, Gallerie Nvya, New Delhi (2011). An accomplished artist, Burman has the honor of having her works printed on a series of commemorative stamps by the Government of India on the occasion of
International Women’s Day in 2007. In addition, a book titled “A Mythical Universe” was published on her life and works in 2010, accompanied by a retrospective show featuring her works from the period 1983 – 2010.

Jayasri Burman Hong Kong Exhibition

About Gallery Sumukha (Bengaluru, India)

Gallery Sumukha, Bengaluru, was founded in 1996 and caters to a wide audience,  nationally and internationally, with a history of working with external curators and artists from various parts of the world. It supports artists in terms of commissions and relevant spaces to expose their conceptual thinking, thus marking it as an international space. Simultaneously it presents Indian Contemporary artists abroad through exhibitions and participation in International Art Fairs. Gallery Sumukha in the recent years has participated in various International Art Fairs showcasing Indian Contemporary Art to a larger international audience.

Date: 20 – 23 March 2014 

Time: 11am-7:30pm

Venue: Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, 8 Kennedy Road, Mid-levels, Hong Kong

Contact – , Ruchika Anand – 9222 6269

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