Battle of The Sexes in Hong Kong

By on April 5, 2014
Thursday, 1st May 2014 – Battle of The Sexes


Men and women have walked the Earth for centuries. Walking turned into running, which finally lead to a full-blown battle charge. Their opponents, each other. Imagine a battle without armies and gun powder, but with bellies and eyeliner. The winner can only be one either a man or a woman. Elite Entertainment and Revel Events bring you Battle of The Sexes in Hong Kong  where fight referee Vir Das plays to the house armed with science & comedy that will have you in splits & splinters. Come and get another perspective on your respective other.

Event Details:

NOTE: – The seats are divided for men MALE and FEMALE, and all the men and women will be seated separately.

When: Thursday, 1st May 2014

Where: KITEC 1, Trademart Drive, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Timing: 9:30pm

Language: English

Tickets price range: HK$980/ HK$780/ HK$480 (All include permission for single entry only)

Ticket Booking: Get in touch with Rani Harry Moriani – 9632 6640

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