Good films, more often than not, aim to present a sense of reality to their audiences. Be it through the characters, the situations or the dialogues, films are made with the hope that viewers relate to them. With the trailers of I, Me Aur Main creating very little buzz, purely with the appearance of John Abraham in a solo film after a long period of time and the rehashing of a classic tune., the film didn’t grab a lot of attention, leading to a very weak opening.

I, Me Aur Main
“I love you, Ishaan!” “I love me too!”

The story:

Directed by newcomer Kapil Sharma, I, Me Aur Main tells the story of Ishaan (John Abraham), a self-absorbed talent agent who has been living with his girlfriend, Anushka (Chitrangadha Singh) for five years (rent-free) and refuses to marry her due to his phobia of commitment. Over the course of their five-year relationship, not once has Ishaan brought up the topic of settling down. He doesn’t even lend her money to pay for milk and when she tells him she loves him, he responds with “I love me, too”. How Anushka lives with Ishaan for that long is beyond comprehension. The tipping point is when Ishaan forgets the plans he made to finally introduce Anushka to his parents. She breaks up with him, forcing him to leave her house and find a place for himself  surprising that he doesn’t already have one considering he’s so rich — which happens to be next to a cute, bubbly stylist, Gauri (Prachi Desai). Despite his obnoxious and narcissistic attitude, Gauri falls for him and very quickly, begins a relationship with him. After 9 months, Ishaan’s sister finally decides to tell him that Anushka is pregnant with his child and instead of convincing Ishaan to go back and make amends, Gauri convinces him to move to Paris with her. On the evening of the launch of his new talent, Anushka goes into labour, Ishaan decides to turn over a new leaf and drive her to the hospital, leaving Gauri behind to fly to Paris on the same night (very dramatic). In the midst of his so-called complicated life, is his boss, Reena, who, unlike every other girl, doesn’t fall for Ishaan’s charm and is against everything he does, making his life miserable. The film ends with Anushka and Gauri forgiving Ishaan for everything he had done, the former agreeing to let him be part of her daughter’s life, while the latter has a long-distance relationship with him from Paris.

I, Me Aur Main
“I’m a jerk.” “I love you, Ishaan.”

The goods:

  1. Chitrangadha Singh. She is, undoubtedly, stunning as well as she is talented. She plays the character of Anushka with immense ease. Unfortunately, for someone as talented as her, she wasn’t given enough screen time.
  2. The music. Composed by a range of music directors, the music isn’t exceptional, but provides as a decent relief to this excuse of a story.

The bads:

  1. John Abraham. He’s got a great body and never misses an opportunity to flaunt it. But let’s face it, the guy can’t act to save his life.
  2. Prachi Desai. Literally playing the girl next door, she’s extremely annoying with that perpetual giggle and high-pitched voice.
  3. The story. Did you read the synopsis?
  4. Zarina Wahab. I have yet to watch a film where she doesn’t have the dialogue “tu mera raja beta hai”.
I, Me Aur Main
“I love you, Ishaan”

The rating:

With the flaws outshining the strengths, this film deserves nothing more than a 1.5 out of 5. It wasn’t funny, it dragged on for a full hour and 46 minutes and there, of course, was no real story. If you want to watch John Abraham flaunt those chiseled abs, you’re better off watching Dostana; at least it gives you what it promises.

The final word:

If you ask me, I think my rating for the film was rather generous. There were no more than ten people in the cinema on the first day. Understandably so.


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