Highest Paid Actors of Bollywood 2016

Bollywood is known for creating versatile films and is one of the most renowned entertainment industries in the world. Since Bollywood offers thousands of new films each year, it’s natural for us to wonder how much money Bollywood actors make and more importantly, who makes the most. On an average, over 1,000 movies release in Bollywood each year as opposed to Hong Kong film industry, where under 100 films release annually. Here are the highest paid actors of Bollywood and Hong Kong.


salman khan highest paid actor

Salman Khan

Fee Per Movie – US$ 8 million

Net Worth – US$200 million

Jackie Chan

Fee Per Movie – US$15 million

Net Worth – US$ 350 million

50-year-old actor Salman Khan has had over 20 years of acting career behind him and as of now, he’s one of the most popular and highest paid actors of Bollywood. According to the latest update, Khan makes 55 crore (US$ 8 million) per film. In his 20 years of career, he has appeared in over 100 films making his worth net of $200 million. While the highest paid actor in Bollywood makes roughly US$8 million, the highest paid Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan makes approximately US$15 million.

aamir khan highest paid actor

Aamir Khan

Fee Per Movie – US$ 7.35 million

Net Worth – US$185 million

Donnie Yen

Fee Per Movie –  US$7 Million

Net Worth – US$40 million

Aamir Khan, 51, has been appearing in Bollywood films since 1984. During his successful acting career, Khan has given some of the greatest hits Bollywood has ever seen such as Lagaan, 3 Idiots, Rang De Basanti etc. The actor gets paid 50 crore (US$ 7.35 million) for a single film. He’s also one of the few actors who’s entitled for share profit aside from the actual acting fee for the film. Hong Kong’s second highest paid actor Donnie Yen, 52, makes US$7 million million per film.

akshay kumar highest paid actor

Akshay Kumar

Fee Per Movie- US$ 6.6 million

Net Worth – US$150 Million

Louis Koo

Fee Per Movie – US$5 Million

Net Worth – US$51 Million

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is known for his natural acting skills and versatile multifaceted roles in films. The 48-year-old actor wasn’t liked very much when he first started his acting career, but his impressive acting and martial arts techniques grew on people. Today, he’s one of the leading actors of Bollywood and can be compared to 45-year-old Hong Kong actor Louis Koo as they’ve both had the same years of experience in films. While Kumar makes 45 crore (US$ 6.6 million) for each film, Koo bags US$5 Million per film.


shahrukh khan highest paid actor

Shahrukh Khan

Fee Per Movie – US$5.88 million

Net Worth – US$600 Million

Andy Lau

Fee Per Movie – US$3 Million

Net Worth – US$96.5 Million

Shahrukh Khan, nicknamed “King Khan” may not be the most paid actor of Bollywood but he sure is the most popular, not just in India but all around the globe. The 50-year-old has a net worth of 3,752 crore rupees (US $600 million). His work can be compared to actor and singer Andy Lau who makes HK$3 Million per film while Khan makes approximately 40 crore (US$ 5.88 million) per movie.


hrithik roshan highest paid actor

Hrithik Roshan

Fee Per Movie – US$ 5 million

Net Worth – USD$30 Million

Stephen Chow

Fee Per Movie – US$4.8 Million

Net Worth – USD$30 Million

Award winning actor Hrithik Roshan is considered one of the most attractive men of Bollywood. He’s garnered immense success and popularity within a span of sixteen years in the entertainment industry. Roshan makes about 35-40 crore (US$ 5 million approx) per film, while the fifth highest paid actor of Hong Kong Stephen Chow makes about US$4.8 Million per movie.


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