For those who have not heard the news before… Yes, it’s true! Sholay in 3D is a real thing and it’s going to be released on the 11th of October, which is also Big B‘s 71st birthday. Sholay has been one of the most celebrated and loved Indian/Bollywood movie ever. Not only did it win a lot of awards, but also made a good amount of money and ran in cinema’s for years!

Sholay 3D

Though many have dubbed Sholay in 3D to be nothing more than a gimmick and a way for the producers to ride the 3D wave, it is generating a lot of excitement. Die-hard fans of the movie are expected to flock to their nearest cinema with their extended families and re-live the story in 3 dimension. Normally movies which are converted into 3D (not originally shot with 3D camera, but converted in post production) have the tendency of being jarring to the viewers and also hard to focus on. Usually there are several scenes which are converted to 3D while the rest of the movie remains in it’s original state. The 3D movies make more money for the cinema’s because the ticket prices are usually higher than normal 2D tickets.


It will be interesting to see whether fans throng to the cinema to see Basanti dance on shards of 3D glass or if the frail voice of A.K. Hangal echoes in the empty cinema halls;  “Itnaa sannata kyun hai bhai?

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