Vikas Bahl, responsible for quaint hits like Queen and Chillar Party, is back this Dusshera with Shaandaar, India’s first destination wedding film. Starring generally intense Shahid Kapoor as Jaginder Joginder, a not-so-humble wedding planner, and generally blonde Alia Bhatt, as Aiila Alia. He plans her sister’s wedding. She dreams he’s serenading her. But both are insomniacs. Is their love story a dream or reality? But, this is why we can’t wait to watch the movie:

1. Alia plays Alia. Only smarter.

Alia Bhatt in a Bikini
Often perceived as a younger, bubblier Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt has described her character as “very very intelligent”, and a Miss-know-it-all. Which explains Alia in a hot pink bikini too.

2. Shahid is back to comedy after a long time.

Shahid Kapoor
Playing the quintessential ‘chocolate boy’ once again, we’re hoping to see the same dry sense of humour and charm that he brought to movies like Jab We Met, Badmaash Company, and Ishq Vishk (lets ignore the debacles in between).

3. The fun and fresh lead pairing.

Shaandaar Movie 1
In so many ways, Shahid and Alia remind us of the fun and lovable Geet and Aditya from Jab We Met. If their camaraderie at promotional events is anything to go by…

4. Shahid beta butting heads with Papa Pankaj.

Shahid Pankaj Kapur
We’re guessing these two are going to be churning out some of the best lines in the movie! “Oyyyye.”

5. Pankaj Kapoor as Tata.

Pankaj Kapur
Is he ever not a complete delight to watch on screen?

6. Sanah Kapoor as beti Isha.

Sanah Kapoor

Shahid’s (half)sister makes her Bollywood debut as the blushing bride. We’re curious; will she be able to keep up with the acting stalwarts in her real (and reel) family?

7. Sushma Seth is back.

Sushma Seth

Doing what she does best- playing the royal matriarch, the doting mother, and wearing an enviable collection of chokers, as always.

Shandaar is all set to release in Hong Kong on the 22nd October. In case you have missed out the trailer, Here it is:

[youtube id=k99-vMPh3-A width=”620″ height=”360″]

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