Shout out to all you disco dancers and Anarkalis — here are the top 5 dance tracks for upcoming sangeets.

Sangeet is the ultimate boss of all wedding functions and that’s a fact. Almost everything is exaggerated for the night — guests are more filmy, outfits get shinier, bling grows bigger, dances go shimmier and the music, well, that just gets more dhinchak.

However, since Hindi songs release even faster than Shahrukh Khan is ageing, it’s definitely hard to keep up. To help, we have listed the top 5 sangeet songs 2013 — 1,2,3,4 chacha get on the floor!

1. Balaam Pichkari (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

Why it’s dhinchak: Balaam Pichkari is the poster song for all Bollywood numbers. There’s the girl dodging the boy, bright colours, background babes, hip shaking and nonsensical lyrics: we love it! This song rides on the yuppie waves of India and trust, you don’t want to get left behind.

Matching masti: Check out Badatmeez Dil and Dilliwali Girlfriend from the same movie, both equally catchy and dance-worthy.

2. Party on my mind (Race 2)

Why it’s dhinchak: Only few Hindi songs sound good when mashed with English lyrics and this is one of them. The angrezi chorus is super easy to lip sync to — “Gonna let my body loose … there’s party on my mind”. We suggest this track for on-stage performances, to get the crowd on the same level as you.

Matching masti: Listen to Lat Lag Gayee from the same film, another hot dance number.

3. Slowly Slowly (Go Goa Gone)

Why it’s dhinchak: We hear this song has been picked up by world-famous DJ Avicii for an exciting remix. Till that releases we have to make do with the original, which is also totally rocking. Impress on the dance floor as the trippy, techno beat works in your favour.

4. Laila (Shootout at Wadala)

Why it’s dhinchak: This track’s made exclusively for the boys. Expose all your rowdy moves and pelvic thrusts here — this is your time to shine. Warning: girls best stay away since we doubt you’d appreciate the energetic outburst, no matter how coordinated the boys pretend to be.

Matching masti: Ladies don’t feel left out, listen to Babli Badmaash from the same movie.

5. Halkat Jawani (Heroine)


Why it’s dhinchak: Girls spotlight’s on you here. All your belly dancing and zumba lessons can come into play with this number. Act coy while secretly busting out some Kareena dance moves — they won’t know what hit them. Just remember to be graceful and not actually hit them.


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