Whether a coincidence or totally intended, Kangana Ranaut seems to be getting it on with her ‘royal’ mode. Riding high on her success of Queen, this rani has now taken up a revolver to please the masses. Revolver Rani establishes Kangana Ranaut as well, an actress to watch out for – Yes. I wouldnt fear to tout her as one of the most fearless actresses in Bollywood. Revolver Rani shows her as the psychotic, murderous,power hungry dacoit turned politician Alka Singh.


Set in the heart and heat of interior Madhya Pradesh, Sai Kabir’s directorial debut follows famed Kangana as she navigates the twisted world of politics, power, games and the webbed world of love. So what’s Alka Singh all about? Ten points for her usual daku self. Alcohol, sex, power – are so very dear to her. Rohan Kapoor (played by Vir Das) settles in as the boy in her life if you may call it that. But I wont hold you to gunpoint if you forget all about him and that newsanchor at the end of the film – or even halfway through the film. As the battle continues, Alka (Kangana) overtakes the boys as she commands louder and rougher than any of them and at times has the audience enthralled at her commandments and capability to be , well, loud. Her somewhat comic timing and her dialogue delivery make the film watchable if you know what to expect from it. A dark comedy to be understood and appreciated, I won’t be too surprised if the masses do not find the exact makings of a true Masala blockbuster.


While we are discussing the boys, save a clap or two for her mama, played by Piyush Mishra, who will do anything to save their power. His plotting and persona go hand in hand and I could find myself slapping the casting director on his back to give him a nod of approval. Weighing out all the boys, Uday Bhan Singh (Zakir Hussain) also has some screen space who battles it out with Alka with or without corruption by his side. Tighter editing and snappier scenes could have enhanced this film, but then again what’s a film that is absolutely perfect? That’s subjective I would say. Enough of the boys, moving back to our heroine, Lets concentrate on her sole agenda – to expose Uday Bhan Singh in front of the public and emerge victorious and with in surprise, she succeeds in doing that. But then, she falls in love, and the rest as you know, is history. Everything changes along with her priorities and the audience learns to deal with that.


What I love? The way feminine powers have come to light and with regard to Kangana, she carries the entire film on her two shoulders, yes. And the fact that a love story can be set against a harsh political backdrop, though done before in Shakti and the likes, has been done in a way that emphasises Kanganas power as a woman. And that sort of makes you want to clap , in your heart and head.

Simply put, its a bad bad world out there with bad people doing bad bad things! Moral of the story? There are no friends, just guns.

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