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By on December 12, 2013

R… Rajkumar, Prabhudeva’s latest offering to Bollywood and proof that Shahid Kapoor is still around hit the theaters recently. If you are able to just stop being over analytical and story hungry for just about 2.5 hours, this is an entertainer from start to end packed with all the ingredients of a masala flick born to just entertain the masses. Set against a rustic village backdrop with drug mafias and their never ending tussles, Shahid’s colorful shirts are a tribute to our village style that clearly never goes out of fashion. Sonakshi’s clothes designed by Manish Malhotra may not be wow to look at but the actress carries them off with grace and ease. So that’s the clothing – an important aspect of movie watching so you can decide what to wear to the next Indian gathering.

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The star cast – Shahid with his chocolate boy dancing skills, Sonakshi with her smile and charm and Sonu Sood with well – his muscles I guess , offers the movie an on going push and pull that can leave you laughing one moment and amazed at the impossible antics the next. Shahid is cast as a young man, the Romeo Rajkumar of the title, who kicks up heat, dust and villains no matter what shape and size. Sonakshi tries her hand at being a strong tom boy floored by a local goon. And then they fall in love and sing and dance and flirt and all that. That’s fully an Indian love story for you. Friendship, defined Indian style, is a never ending brotherly bond between Mukul Dev and Shahid and you will definitely laugh out loud during their scenes.
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 Like I said, leave your brains and you’ll be able to laugh and enjoy. The songs especially ‘Gandi baat‘ and ‘saree ke fall‘ will scandalize and shock you, but beneath that the Indian in you will not be able to resist shaking the shoulder and humming the tunes on your way to work the next day. Prabhudeva’s choreography clearly reflects through and his short but quick jig in the gandi baat song wakes you up to the otherwise rustic bar dance.
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The story is a love story, of course, but you will be wishing that your man never calls you ‘lollipop’ and shoot up from the dead for you. And you will wish that he does not go ballistic every time he sees you, which secretly Sonakshi likes. There are a couple of unnoteworthy scenes in the movie that make you want to hold your head or roll your eyes but all in all a one time watch . There are a few instances where your popcorn makes its way out of your mouth at the silly dialogues and scenarios but can also be spat out while in the midst of a giggle or two.
I give it 2 stars.

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