On 18 March 2013 Hong Kong hosted the 7th Asian Film Awards (AFA), an annual event to honor and celebrate cinematic talent across Asia. It was a star-studded evening at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, as the international celebrities gathered for their love of cinema, and dissolved their boundaries of race and language. HK Yantoyans had an added reason to follow this year’s event, as a number of celebrities from Bollywood were nominated for the prize and a selected few even left victorious.

The seven nominees from India were Anurag Kashyup as best director and film for the Gangs of Wasseypur series (GOW), Rajeev Ravi as best cinematographer for GOW, Wasiq Khan as best production designer in GOW, Nawazuddin Siddiqui for his supporting act in Talaash, Anand Gandhi as best scriptwriter for his work in the Ship of Theseus, and Pritam Chakraborty for his music in Barfi! While each of the contenders were commendable and deserving of credit, the eventual winners of the AFA from India were Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Pritam Chakraborty.

Best in Asia, but not the best in India
The best in Asia, but not the best in India

Although it has already been a controversial topic of discussion this year, one still questions the integrity and parity of such film awards. Back in Bollywood, where he only had to compete with his countrymen, Nawazuddin barely won any awards for his performance in Talaash. A few months later, that same performance is adjudged not just the best in India, but also the best in Asia! Where’s the consistency, folks? Pritam’s selection, however, was less surprising, as Bollywood is renowned worldwide for its music. Moreover, he had also garnered most of the Bollywood awards for his superb, yet uncharacteristically ‘original’, soundtrack.

Followers from other film fraternities were also kept interested, as the remaining awards were duly shared amongst the other Asian countries. Mainland China, Philippines, Japan and Korea were some of the other popular winning countries, as the celebrities crescendoed their celebrations at the After Awards Party at View 62, which was sponsored by E-Max Cineplex.

The 7th AFA will be globally broadcasted as per following details:



TV Channel

19 March 2013



30 March 2013



30 March 2013



6 April 2013



7 April 2013


STAR Chinese Movies (Hong Kong)

7 April 2013


STAR Chinese Movies (Singapore and The Philippines)

7 April 2013

7:30pm (Local Time)

STAR Chinese Movies (North America and Australia)

7 April 2013


STAR Chinese Movies (Taiwan)

7 April 2013


STAR Chinese Movies Legend (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Macau)

Broadcast Schedule To Be Confirmed

Hunan Television


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