These Bollywood Movies on Netflix are not the usual Masala Bollywood Flicks that you most look forward to watching during the weekend but, they surely will ignite your soul.

TALVAR (2015)

Talvar - A lesser Known Bollywood Movie On Netflix

Based entirely on the sensational and alarming Aarushi Talwar Murder Case, Talvar reflects how media, politics, and judiciary can change the directions of justice. Building intensity from the very beginning you will have to pay attention to every scene. At the end of the movie, you will surely have your mind flooded with questions like How could that be? Why that? What if? Irfan Khan playing the lead outperformed as Ashwin- the CBI officer who is serious, funny, sarcastic, and unapologetic. Neeraj Kabi in the father’s and Konkana Sen Sharma in the mother’s role were also critically acclaimed for their act. With the right amount of masala, this is one of the Bollywood movies on Netflix that is a must watch.

UMRIKA (2015)

Umrika Still

Umrika is Prashant Nair’s second film which won the coveted Audience Award at the 2015 Sundance Festival. It throws light on the longing of the people in the small villages of India due to the harsh reality of family members migrating across the world. Set in the year the 1970s and 80s where this issue use to result in cutting off from their families forever. We have a high-quality performance that is done by Suraj Sharma as Ramakant, the actor who starred in Life Of Pi. He sets off in search of his brother who stops sending descriptive letters of this time in the United Staes. So are you going to call your friends to watch this movie or not?


SHAHID (2012)

Shahid Still

This movie is an apprizing biography of Shahid Azmi, a criminal lawyer who got killed on February 2010 in his own office. Filled with facts and court trials, Shahid paints a picture of a selfless man who had taken upon him to help the false victims of a minority community. We have the exceptional Rajkumar Rao who is known for doing unusual roles, playing the character of Shahid which is a treat to the eye. Films like Trapped and Newton speak of it too. Oh! You’ve just got to watch this.

LOEV (2015)

Loev Movie Still

Loev deliberately misspelled, tells a tale of a gay love story that is not very sensual compared to the other LGBT movies filmed in other parts of the world. Made in the time when homosexuality was a punishable act in India, it was shot secretively on a constrictive budget making the movie revolutionary. Wistful and tender, this Bollywood movie on Netflix is about a love that developed in the hills of Mahabaleshwar.


Delhi In A Day Movie Still

DIAD is a story that revolves around a foreigner who visits Delhi to study real India. This is the first movie directed by Prashant Nair that captures the awful act of the glossy rich who treat the poor with no mercy. This film depicts the scenes of some great day to day situations and the spirit of Delhi which makes it a good watch. Having a sublime moral this movie will touch your heart.


Ankhon Dekhi Movie Still

Shot in old Delhi, Ankho Dekhi is a funny journey of a man in his late fifties enacted by Sanjay Mishra who generally foes a lot of comic roles. With a marvelous job as a lead actor, Mishra as the character- Bauji believes only in what he sees that leads to a loop of questions. Of course, with keeping a check on the sensibility and not becoming pretentious. Ankho Dekhi shows us how a man’s beliefs start changing once he retires from worldly responsibilities.

PINK (2016)

Pink Movie Still

Pink is a movie that portrays the issue of Sexual Assult faced by women in metro cities. Coming from various backgrounds to fulfill their ambitions, women already deal with a lot on their plate. And you can see in this movie how the ruthless society readily points fingers at the women’s character regardless of the truth. Yes, it is an intense movie that brings up the most common social issue but, it is raw and honest. Definitely not a “lesser known” Bollywood movie but, we had to mention it as it is not a part of the usual ones, you know!

Thanks to the ongoing #MeToo movement the women who earlier suppressed these issues within them for ample reasons are finally coming out and sharing their experiences in a way to empower the coming generations to take a stand for themselves.

We at personally love to watch such movies. Have you watched any of these Bollywood movies on Netflix? If yes, we’d love to hear your reviews on it in the comments section below. And if not, once you do, please come back to share your experience with us 😀


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