Highway – A Road Less Travelled

By on February 26, 2014

Highway is an experience. If you allow yourself to let go, go along with the protagonists and embark on the journey into unknown lands without worrying too much about the destination.

If one makes peace with the unthinkable circumstances under which the two protagonists meet, then it can be a touching love story. Its unassuming, soulful, beautiful nonetheless, sans all the romance, glamour and everything you expect in a typical love story from mainstream cinema. Hence its raw and appealing. In essence its a portrayal of the bond between two tormented souls searching solace in each other’s company in unknown lands. The movie does touch upon a lot of societal issues, without probing too much or hanging heavily on to it.


Randeep Hooda & Alia Bhatt on their ongoing journey

I love the fact that Imtiaz Ali, despite having all the resources to shoot anywhere else, chose varied terrains of India as a back drop. The landscapes are beautifully shot and becomes a breather providing a soothing background to an otherwise gritty uncertain foreground.


Alia Bhatt as Veera is a refreshing change compared to her character in her debut flick, SOTY

Randeep Hoonda is restrained and in the character throughout. His breakdown scene is simply superb, but Alia Bhatt owns this movie totally and completely. I can’t put it in any other way. Her portrayal of Veera – a young bashful girl with every possible range of complexity is amazing. Scenes in which she is dancing like no one’s watching and her encounter with her family in the end are brilliant. Watch it for her.

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