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By on May 18, 2013

In the age of run of the mill slapstick comedy movies, directors DK and Raj have gifted us Go Goa Gone, a movie which actually makes you laugh. Stepping into the unknown territory of zombies, Hindi cinema is truly coming of age.

go goa gone zombie

Firangi Zombies

Although there are obvious inspirations from Hollywood flicks such as Shawn of the Dead, Zombieland and Hangover, one is still treated to a film with true Desi tadka. It is laden with realistic and relatable characters like a good-for-nothing gang of three: ‘Hardik’ (Kunal Khemu), ‘Luv’ (Vir Das) who is always falling in love and ‘Bunny’ (Anand Tiwari), who pays for everything. Accompanying them on the ride is a cute girl called Luna (Puja Gupta),  as they later encounter the Russian mafia from New Delhi, Boris (Saif Ali Khan).

Puja Gupta Go Goa Gone

Puja Gupta in Go Goa Gone

The movie starts off by showcasing the three friends bumming around, until they decide to go to the party capital of India, Goa. While the initial scenes are sure to bring plenty of smiles, the directors take the film’s comedy and craziness of the plot to a whole new level after the trio arrive at a party. A new drug is launched at the party which unexpectedly turns everyone into Zombies except for a few including the main characters. The majority of the movie is about escaping these organ-and-flesh-hungry brain-dead zombies.

What generally makes a comedy a classic are the dialogues and its delivery. The synergy of the two in GGG is impecable. The quick witty one liners from Kunal Khemu will make your jaw hurt, and he steals the show with his “don’t care” attitude. Vir Das, at his usual best, as he carries on from his Delhi Belly avatar. Anand Tiwari remarkably complements his crazy friends with his rib-tickling performance of an innocent and annoying nerd. Pooja Gupta is quite clearly the eye candy here, and is the target of affection of everyone.

Saif Ali Khan does a good job not overshadowing the other relatively smaller actors. His role is very clearly defined as the drug peddling zombie killer and he does it with perfection. His Russian accent is little funny but won’t throw you off your seat.

Saif Ali Khan in Go Goa Gone

Saif Ali Khan in Go Goa Gone

This movie is fun because of its situational, witty and crude humor. With an adult rating, this movie is strictly for adults, as it is laden with Hindi gaalis as well as blood and gore. In fact, the zombies have been presented so realistically, that their appearances are at par with Hollywood standards. Besides being entertaining, the movie also comes with a social message as the zombies are used as a metaphor, and this becomes fairly easy to decipher.

The music fits perfectly into the schema of the screenplay. Babaji ki Booti has the potential of becoming a cult classic. Slowly and Khoon Choos Le are also quite funny and hummable. The rest of the movie’s components fit almost flawlessly into each other and gives viewers a truly uniquely hilarious experience.

At four out of five, it is definitely recommended a watch.

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