Father’s Day Special: Top 5 Dad’s in Bollywood

By on June 15, 2013
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Being a good father is a difficult job. It’s even more so when you are always in the crosshairs of the media camera’s.  Giving your kids a normal life while you are worshipped by the fans can be a huge task and only few can succeed. Celebrity parents have always fascinated everyone and since it’s Father’s Day, we bring you our list of top 5 dad’s in Bollywood.

5. Aamir Khan

Known as the Mr perfectionist, Aamir got married to his childhood sweetheart Reena Dutta. After being together  for 15 years, the relationship ended and they got divorced in December 2002. Aamir has two children- Junaid Khan and daughter Ira Khan, from his first marriage and recently had a baby boy with his second wife Kiran. Hi son Junaid Khan is now an assistant director and is working in his father’s movie, Peekay. Aamir Khan himself had a celebrity father and was born with a Bollywood spoon in his mouth.

Aamir Khan - top 5 dad's in Bollywood - HKYantoYan

Aamir Khan with daughter Ira and son Junaid.

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