Dhoom 3, which the iPhone spells – whether conveniently or not as Doom 3, may as well be a stretched out circus act. Why you may ask me in feigned shock, if you already haven’t seen the movie? Because Aamir Khan seems to have mastered the art of running down a building as the Robin Hood of the film, notes of dollars fly around in the air like its snowflakes and Uday Chopra’s desperate attempts at love with any female will make you want to pull your hair. That’s not all. Bachchan junior makes his entry in an auto, yes you read that right, while breaking through a brick wall while Chopra rams his motor cycle through hoardings.

AB to AK: How do we make sure this guy doesn't return in Dhoom 4?
AB to AK: How do we make sure this guy doesn’t return in Dhoom 4?

Totally forgot, Katrina Kaif is also ‘supposedly’ in the movie but you may as well cut her name from the movie’s star cast as her roles and dialogues are barely there. She makes her entry by doing a five minute long aerobic something strip tease as her audition for The Great Indian Circus in Chicago.

Katrina Kaif - "Ain't nobody got a body like Sheila!"
Katrina Kaif – “Ain’t nobody got a body like Sheila!”

Larger than life though and literally a circus, is the  mighty great Indian circus and its acrobats and acts which are quite grandly done and will entertain you for a bit at least. The cinematography comes alive with the performances, fluid movements and play of colours. That brownie point is simply theirs.

Jackie Shroff - A special surprise in a brief appearance.
Jackie Shroff – A special surprise in a brief appearance.
Based on a couple of Hollywood movies, Dhoom 3 revolves around the social tyranny that oppressive banks around the world offer – to common and simple men. Almost feeling bad for Jackie Shroff, who kills himself under the drama of the bank seizing his passion – the circus, it is Aamir Khan that really saves the day. With a mark on the bank, Dhoom 3 follows Khan ‘s attempt to shoot down each of the wretched bank’s branches leaving back a memento of a clown face and a standard ‘aisi ki taisi’ message. Its a story of revenge coupled with action , drama and fight sequences – not to forget Chopra’s cheesiness. The police duo – Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra are hailed in all the way from India to Chicago to help catch this ‘clown thief’  and while Chopra makes babies with the foreign police official, Bachchan simply stands tall and hangs on to a rope from a helicopter chasing the bad guys. Bachchan junior and Aamir face off in many scenes – that can mark off quite high on the adrenaline factor keeping in mind the slickness of the shot and both their personalities. That pretty much sums up the movie.

The music fails to impress and the frequency of the songs are one too often – can really feel like eternity if they aren’t that popular. Khan’s tap dancing though pleases and impresses as does his charming smile and boyish grace. But somewhere beneath all that, his serious undertones are visible and make you question – what is he doing there? Besides the intro title, the other dances, except for “Malang” the most expensive music video ever made in the history of Bollywood shot in a budget of 5 crores. Once you recover from all of the above, its back to circus acts and amusement parks with roller coaster rides. 
Well, what else do you expect from the Dhoom family? Fast cars, faster bikes, careless crimes and the duo of Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra. Check. And maybe 2 hours of entertainment as long as you have your popcorn ready in your hand! The rest one hour passes by slowly. Chase scenes have been stretched out a bit so don’t blame yourself if you are slightly lost but once it ends, you will come back to life.
Over and above, I personally wish that the execution of the heists could be shown so we could clap our hands and marvel at the creativity and brains behind the planning. Also, I’d have loved to see Katrina shed some light on her acting talent. Some more humor and better songs wouldn’t have hurt either.  Over and above, you can watch it over a weekend and then forget about it.
I give it 2.5 stars.


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