Did you know a day like this existed? Well, we had to google our way through and here is what we learnt (sneak peek):
Observed on 1st October every year, World Vegetarian Day was started by the North American Vegetarian Society in 1977. Aiming to promote the joy, compassion and, the life-enhancing possibilities of vegetarianism.

Being able to celebrate a day like that brings absolute happiness and, we would love for all to relish this day too. Genuinely, living in Hong Kong, it is a struggle to get our mouths filled with gratifying vegetarian/vegan food, yet, we aren’t those who give up easily!

Hence, on this World Vegetarian Day, HKYantoYan.com pins down select Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Hong Kong, which also promote the vegetarian culture proactively.


A Delectable Lunch Combo

With a vision of peaceful living among all beings, Loving Hut provides an extensive menu which is entirely plant-based. They also serve mock meats which help you trick your meat cravings. Fried spring rolls, rice and desserts like the brownie and lemon tarts are what you would want to add to your order. If you are looking to have a value meal, pick a combo and, you will be content.

After all, it’s an all-vegan restaurant where you do not have to think twice before you order!

Loving Hut | 2/F, Luen Tai Bldg., 93-99 Wan Chai Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 25743248


The Pure Veggie House is well-known for its Buddhist Vegetarian Cuisine (gluten & MSG free). Their extensive lunch dim sum menu is capable of improving your day many folds. Along with that, you could indulge in the baked eggplant and Ma Po Tofu. While you await your food, sip on one of their exquisite earthy teas. Luckily, their move to a new location hasn’t impeded their quality.

Pure Veggie House | 6/F, M88, Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 25250552


Image Credits: littleasura

Caution: Visiting this place might result in a food coma.

That’s because Everyday has a salad bar, all-you-can-eat buffet and a dessert station! Mind you, it is always busy in here for its striking vegetarian and vegan food options but, also due to its pocket-friendly prices. The tiny drawback faced at this joint is the time limit that they’ve incorporated (75 minutes for lunch and 90 minutes for dinner), which is plenty for many, but maybe an issue for a large group. Also note: they do not believe in mock meat – so no food that tastes like meat!

Everyday | Shop 1, 10 Hillwood Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 25702266


The cooking style followed here is that of proper Cantonese tradition, but vegetarian or largely vegan. So, if you have hopes of finding something from the westernised families, drop it! Ahimsa too is a set-out buffet style so you can eat till your heart’s need for soups, salads, veggies, rice and deserts. Personally, the simple food and self-serve system gives a very home/community-like feeling.

Ahimsa | Shop B, G/F, Wah Hai Mansion, 10-16 Fort St, North Point, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 25282368


Vegan Restaurants In Hong Kong
Image Credit: maltman23

Happy Veggies is a non-profit enterprise that accepts and offers an opportunity to the hearing impaired community to serve for their families. Hats off to that!

Recommended here are the dinner soups and dumplings. In comparison with the other restaurants listed here, this might be a little heavier on the budget, yet wholesomely worth every penny you spend.

Happy Veggies | 1/F, Bayfield Building, 99 Hennessy Rd, Wanchai, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 25293338


Vegan Restaurants In Hong Kong

Like the Thai Vegetarian Food joint, if you are a vegan and love your mock meats, then this joint is where you ought to be. Tucked in an alleyway where the infamous Kowloon Wall used to be, this tiny restaurant might get a little uncomfortable on the seating front. But, their food will definitely make you go wow – for both quality and price. Something you should look forward to eating here are The Papaya Salad, Veggie Chicken Thai Green Curry and Mangosteen Juice.

Thai Vegetarian Food | 28A S. Wall Rd, Kowloon, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 61537421

Now that you have a handful of vegetarian cum vegan restaurants in Hong Kong to try out or revisit; cook up a plan with your family or buddies and Bon appétit 😀

P.S. Do not forget to share your experiences with the HKYantoYan community down below. Chao.


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