Kennedy Town has quickly become a hotspot in Hong Kong’s drink and dining scene. I recently checked out Vanimal, a new vegetarian haven tucked away on the corner of Belcher’s Street – hard to miss but keep a lookout for the neon lights.

Leeches Blood at Tha Vanimal

Each and every drink from the cocktail menu sounded exciting and delicious so we left it in the hands of the bartender to surprise us. We were served The Leech’s Blood, and as suggested by the name its color was bloody red. The drink was an interesting mix of beetroot, pomegranate juice and vodka and showcased the bartender’s artistic skills as it was served with pomegranate in an ice bowl alongside mint leaves making it all the more refreshing. Along with our cocktails, we were served two types of Vakitoris (vegetarian yakitori) which included the Black Garlic and Soft White Garlic with rock salt. The garlic flavor was quite light with a great soft texture which was a perfect balance to the crunchy texture of the rock salt. The second vakitori was the Dried Tofu with Zesty Miso, the tofu had a chewy bite with a grilled flavour of lemon.

Mixed Vegetable and Roasted Spongy Gluten

The Mixed Vegetable and Roasted Spongy Gluten was our first dish from their mini menu. The curry had a mild flavour of saffron and lime with vegetables served with flat bread. Next up was the Green Curry and Rice Cakes,  an off the menu item. The rice cakes had a very crispy layer which was a perfect match to the light creamy curry.

If you have a soft corner for chocolates, Chocolate 5577, is a must have. Why 5577? The dessert is centered with hazelnut and fudgy 55% chocolate brownie perfectly layered with 77% chocolate foam. It was topped with chocolate crisps, packaging all elements perfectly in a martini glass. Chocolate 5572 was definitely a fabulous end to the meal.

Overall Vanimal serves a good portion to share between two people, in its edgy modern space with earthy atmosphere.

Vanimal | Shop 1, Cadogan, 150 Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town | 2872 8880


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