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The entrance to the Hilltop Plaza may fool you into thinking that you’ve walked into the wrong place, but it just takes one small glimpse of the reception area to vindicate your senses! My first thoughts were ‘this is what The Great Gatsby’s mansion would have looked like – if he lived in Hong Kong’. The interiors are classy and to-date have been host to many a magazine for photo-shoots. That’s all perfectly unsurprising once you take in the French inspired interiors with their beautiful couches, amazing wall patterns, the VIP lounge for your personal parties and a specially crafted sit-out area which overlooks nighttime Hollywood Road.

Topiary Cocktail
Bulge Bracket
Topiary Cocktail1
Hostile Takeover

The many quirky names of the cocktails betray their origins from deep within the heart of the financial world. The chef’s favorite, shim cocktails, are tastefully crafted from a wide variety of liquor bases to be paired with some quick bites. What better way to begin your evening than with the Bulge Bracket, a St. Germain Elderflower Liquor infused with fresh raspberry, lime juice, and gomme syrup. Then there’s the auspiciously named Saturday No Work Policy, a Bourbon-based cocktail with lemon juice, orange bitters and white ale, which will spice up your evening a notch. For lovers of a harder kick, dive into the deep end with the Hostile Takeover, a Jack Daniel based drink will wash away the stresses of the day.  For whiskey lovers, a wide range of Scottish single malts are available. Also, don’t forget to get some expert advice from the skilled bartenders on hand.

Topiary Canapes

One interesting element at Topiary is their wide variety of vegetarian canapés. The Freshly Made Potato Skins lovingly prepared with cheese, cherry tomatoes and black olives are absolutely divine, while the Tonkatsu Sandwich Surprise will delight your taste buds. And if you were ever on the lookout for the best Truffle Fries in Hong Kong, smile because you’ve come to the right place.

Topiary's outdoor area: Ideal for corporate or a private event.
Topiary’s outdoor area: Ideal for both corporate or private events.
Topiary Interior
Topiary’s Indoor Seating

Overall, Topiary is a classy spot for any occasion, whether first dates, private parties, after-work drinks or your weekend pit-stop.

Average spend: HK$350-HK$400/head.

Topiary | 3/F, Hilltop Plaza, 49-51 Hollywood Road, Central | Tel: 2866 6485


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