If you’re a dessert fiend (and I am!), with a categorically saccharine sweet tooth (which I have!) that when it demands to be satisfied the whole world comes to a stop, you’ve probably been frustrated on occasion by the lack of a pure dessert house in Hong Kong. A good slice of cake generally involves a great deal of scrambling around, and is usually followed by a greater deal of dissatisfaction by the thick dense sponges, powdery frostings, odd and unneeded bean or tea fillings. So we bring to you some hidden, and not so hidden gems, around Hong Kong where you can get not only a great slice of sweet and coffee, but place for a good conversation as well.

Here are Top 5 Dessert Shops in Hong Kong

1. Café Causette, Mandarin Oriental

cafe causette Top Five Dessert Shops in Hong Kong HKYantoYan

This is not just about the incredibly rich crispy chocolate devil cake served with whiskey ice cream, or the much touted signature cheesecake, it’s about being able to walk into a quiet, spacious cafe just for dessert, sometimes as late as 11 pm, and knowing you’ll be able to sit and enjoy a good plate with a nice glass of red, and the companion(s) of your choice.

Opening hours: 11:30am – 3pm, 6-11:45pm



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