The Point, Causeway Bay brings a new Italian twist to the town! Just a hop from Times Square, located in the heart of Causeway Bay, it has brought to the area a much needed dining place. Whether you just want to grab a quick bite, need a new place for weekday lunches or a casual evening with your best buddies, The Point is designed for it all. A cozy place for long chatter and some delicious food! And who can say no to a heavenly slice of Pizza!

The Point

The welcoming ambiance makes you feel at home. The staff is a friendly and enthusiastic bunch of people who will make your visit as smooth as possible. A neat layout with both high chairs for a quick meal and comfy couches (and chairs) for a relaxed dining experience. The open rack of pizza ovens just makes your stomach grumble…in a very good way! The menu is sleek, with the best picks, which help you spend less time ordering and more time enjoying the food. Good news for the vegetarians as there are a lot of options for the veggie lovers as well.


Transporting you to some small town in Italy, the Forest Pizza was off the charts on taste, look and feel. Every ingredient married well, with the truffle crème that added a beautiful flavour, which will last on your taste buds and make you come back for more. The Margherita Pizza was everything you want a classic pizza to be, sweet and tangy cherry tomatoes, heavenly Buffalo Mozzarella and basil, on top of a perfect crispy bread. A foodie’s dream come true!


The Wild Mushroom Soup, although not my favorite part of the meal, was packed with fresh mushrooms and seasoned perfectly. The Stone Oven Roasted Salmon was slightly overcooked but balanced perfectly with veggies, that did justice to every bite.

funghi pasta

The Funghi Pasta with Wild Mushrooms and Pesto Sauce was fresh, perfectly cooked, fragrant and with that melt-in-the-mouth feel. This is where you as a group must take a break from the chit-chat and concentrate fully on your food.

Has a Chocolate Lava Cake ever disappointed you? Obviously not! Neither did this one, but the crowning jewel was the vanilla gelato. That subtle vanilla flavour, with the perfect sweetness to enhance the taste of molten chocolate was delectable!

The Point’ is the perfect and ideal place for anyone who works or lives around Wan Chai or Causeway Bay! A tip for all the French fries lovers out there, you HAVE TO try the Truffle Fries!

The Point Causeway Bay| G/F, 52 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong | Tel: 2947 3866



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