Picture a warm wooden interior filled with vintage walls, sunshine pouring through large windows along with a lively crowd on a Saturday afternoon. Top it off with a delicious and extensive feast that will make you wish you had a larger appetite. And what you’ve got is the vibe at the all-American Weekend Barbeque at Stone Nullah Tavern. Unlike usual brunches that contain variations of the Eggs Benedict or avocados on toast, the brunch menu here is bold and refreshing.

Stone Nullah Tavern WanChai

Given the intensely liquid Friday night I was recovering from, I started out with the Tomohito, a refreshing Mojito with a Thai twist. The Killer Bee, fresh juices blended with honey, I am told, was just as effective in getting the job done for my not-so-better half. We scanned through the brunch menu (and the food on neighbouring tables) only to realize that it would have been fantastic to have done this meal with a bunch of friends, but more on that later.

Seafood Platter

Out came the first course, The seafood platter with fresh oysters, a delightfully tangy cod ceviche, and giant prawns that were marinated in a spicy masala that neither of us could identify, nor stop licking off our fingers! We would’ve loved to have a go at the crab claws, but were unsuccessful in breaking through them!

Hotdog at Stone Nullah Tavern

For mains we just knew we had to try the ribs, which also came highly recommended. But when it came to choosing a second main, we struggled (and this is where the bunch of friends would’ve come in handy) between the very intriguing Hebrew National Hot Dog, the Fish Tacos and the Southern Fried Chicken. We settled on the classic fried chicken. I must add here, service was more on the casual, laid-back side, but we really didn’t mind since (a) they were super friendly and helpful (b) it was a full-house and (c) we were looking forward to an extremely long and lazy brunch.

While the mains were being whipped up in the kitchen, we focused our energy, and forks, on the DIY Nacho’s Station. The extensive and vegetarian friendly spread included the usual jalapenos, refried beans, varieties of salsa and zesty guacamole along with potato and macaroni salads, a cheese fondue, tender corn on the cob and marinated shredded beef. Fair Warning: While the unlimited Nacho Station is a great idea, proceed with caution and will power, as it can potentially derail any plans of being able to move on to your mains, or any plans of being able to move at all.

It is safe to say that we had reached this point, but our ambition to conquer this brunch got the better of us. The mains included the maple-glazed ribs, succulent and falling off the bone and the southern fried chicken which was not as exciting.

Did I mention, much like the Nacho’s Station the mains are unlimited too?

The brunch at SNT is priced as HK$298/head along with a top-up of HK$98 which includes a free flow of margaritas or PBR’s. We highly recommend you go armed with an empty stomach, highly elastic pants and a bunch of friends to really appreciate and enjoy the barbeque brunch!

Stone Nullah Tavern | G/F, 69 Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai | Tel: 3182 0128

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