It is a forbidden food for Hindu’s like me. But like anything forbidden, it’s very tempting. Living in Hong Kong, you can only resist the temptation for a little while because there is beef everywhere you go and it comes in different variations. Juicy beef burgers, Curry beef brisket and Steaks. I’m partial to the latter and enjoy it done medium-rare. Any steak lover would agree that cooked beef on the bone has much more taste than boneless. The bone cooks the meat from within and the collagen from the bone melts into the meat, making it more juicy, tender and much much tastier.

US Beef on the Bone - Prime Grading

Beef on the bone from US has been banned from importation in HK since the outbreak of foot and mouth in 2003. The corn fed US beef was only available as a fillet and beef on the bone lovers like me had to make do with boneless steaks. This is now history, as STEIK World Meats is now the first restaurant in HK to serve beef on the bone. The HK government has lifted the ban from the US meat, thus allowing STEIK to serve it. Epicurean Group which also runs Jimmy’s Kitchen Central and Kowloon has brought the shipment to Hong Kong and it’s Executive Chef Brian Moore has been meticulously overseeing the dry-aging process at Steik World Meats. Dry aging is when the beef has been kept in a dry-aging facility and observed on a daily basis. Dry aging means less shrinkage of meat, which means more meat.

Executive Chef Brian Moore - US Beef on the Bone
Executive Chef Brian Moore – Epicurean Group

STEIK World Meats is a well established restaurant and bar serving world class steaks in a  vibrant and classy atmosphere. You can savour the beef on the bone at STEIK with a nice glass of red wine in their main dining area or relax with a cocktail at the green patio area. STEIK World Meats has been on the recommended restaurant list in the Michelin Guide in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Steik World Meats | Shop 14, Level 3, K11, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui |  +852 2530 0011


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