Sidewalk – Your Perfect Late Night Bite in Hong Kong!

By on February 17, 2013

It’s late in the night and you are out partying with your mates and you are hit by sudden pangs of hunger to munch on something light, quick and reasonable. Why not drop by Sidewalk? Located in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, Sidewalk is a place that barely sleeps and keeps you awake with its innovative and eye-catching fast food dishes from Canada, Mexico, Italy and more.

The owner of Sidewalk, Fernandes Benjamin William  has worked in the restaurants of Lan Kwai Fong since 1993, and hence has a good understanding of what you would want to eat at any hour.

Junk food in the simplest form – Poutine

The all-time favorite, especially on Canadian Day, is Poutine. The simple and light side dish is melted in gravy and complemented with French fries, and if you reach there late, you’re sure to find it sold out!

Vegetarians don’t need to feel left out and can also indulge in a delicious veggie burger!

Bored of having a burger with the same contents time and again? Very recently added on the menu is a tribute to Hong Kong, the Cow-loon Burger. It is mainly filled with tofu and layered with mushrooms, then flavored with Chinese spices and a signature special sauce.

Delicious Nachos in the middle of the night just does the trick!

You can also try out the Nachos, which is sure to bring out the Mexican in you. The crispy baked tortillas come with tomato salsa and melted Mexican cheese spread all over, and complemented with avocado and sour cream for dip.

If you know you are someone who can eat swiftly, make sure you order the original sin burger, which is filled with two layers of beef, and much more: bacon, cheese, pepperoni, egg, vegetables and cheese fries. Munch down the burger in 4 minutes, and you can go home with a free wine bottle.

Another exciting challenge for spicy food lovers! If you can eat spicy food, be sure to order the Texarkana, which is a dish of 12 hot spicy wings. The dare is to consume all 12 wings in 5 minutes without drinking anything along and wiping your lips or fingers!

Being able to do shisha where you’ve just had dinner is just another bonus point. Shisha comes with a lot of flavors for you to choose from: apple, cherry, strawberry, lime, apple, mint.

Sidewalk | Shop G, Block A, G/F, 17 Wing Wah Lane, LanKwai Fong, 852 Central District, Hong Kong | 25258116


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Khyati Shah

Khyati was born in India, but has been living in Hong Kong all her life. Hong Kong is definitely her favorite city. She is a complete foodie and loves trying out new delicacies as long they are vegetarian. She enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures, and food. She is also passionate about photography and has a soft heart for chocolates.

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