Black Sheep Restaurants Group, a Michelin star holder for BELON and New Punjab Club, is all set to serve at their new ‘story and concept’ driven restaurant Rajasthan Rifles.

Rajasthan Rifles -Architecture

Throwing us back into the 1920s, a fragile time in history, to one of the greatest era in food history – the rise of the Anglo-Indian Cuisine. It was in the British Indian Army Officers’ mess hall, where regardless of the fraught relationship betwixt the two nations, both the cultures combined in harmony. The vibe was one where everyone not only came to eat but also to connect!

Goat Seekh Kebab

The executive chef, Palash Mitra, from the group of New Punjab Club, welcomes guests from 12 p.m until 10 p.m with handpicked lip-smacking dishes from the Anglo-Indian cuisine namely:

Standing by the ethos of the Officers’ mess hall, Rajasthan Rifles’ menu allows us to indulge in simple but delicious food with great ingredients and skilled execution. Also, this restaurant aims to give first preference to its surrounding neighbourhood. As quoted by co-founder Christopher Mark:

“We hope to create a hub for the people who live in the area, serving them from breakfast until late and offering membership to the Rajasthan Rifles Peak Society to anyone who lives on Stubbs Road or above, allowing them the exclusive perk of table bookings at any time at Rajasthan Rifles”.

Having to be from the South Asian background, most of us have grown up listening to military stories from our grandparents and, Rajasthan Rifles adds a hearty dose of fantasy to those rose-tinted memories of a tense time.

Rajasthan Rifles | G/F, The Peak Galleria, Hong Kong | Tel: +852 2388 8874‬.


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