It can be tough to find restaurants whose recipes transcend national borders, and yet manage to retain all of their original essence. Posto Pubblico is among the small handful of restaurants in Hong Kong that have managed to do just that, wholly replicating foreign dishes from abroad.

Located in the heart of Soho, the restaurant fuses American and Italian palates and creates a range of classic interbred dishes. Even better, the restaurant offers a wide range of vegetarian-only dishes, that are sure to make anyone’s mouth water.

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Homemade Burrata

Next time you find yourself in Soho, stop by and try Posto Pubblico’s Burrata. Their heavenly home-made appetizer is luscious and creamy in the center, and is accompanied by a mountain of juicy, sliced tomatoes. Just the sight of their oozing buttery-insides will put you in a trance. Another hit is the Funghi Tartufo Pizza Fritta – a pan-fried and charred pizza with a thick crunchy crust, topped with mozzarella cheese and wild mushrooms. Unlike normal pizzas, the crust of these Pizza Frittas are deep-fried to bring out more flavor. If you are a pizza lover (then again, who isn’t?), this should have a place on your must-have list.

The Eggplant Parmigiana made from breaded eggplant, mozzarella, and tomato sauce is equally scrumptious. These are just a few of the vegetarian items on their new expanded menu.

Pizza Fritta

If you’re looking for more, you could also opt to try the Veal Meatballs, the restaurant’s specialty; or other seafood dishes like the King Prawn Scampi and Linguine Calamari. To go with your meal, you could also choose from Posto Pubblico’s wide array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. For something cool and refreshing to beat the hot weather, sip on the Pink Grapefruit Mojito.

Veal Meatballs

It’s not just the food that wins people over – their service is impeccable as well. From the moment you step into the restaurant, you’ll find that the staff are very welcoming and attentive to your needs.

Unlike many restaurants, Posto Pubblico has a ‘No Service Charge’ policy. To add on, the restaurant’s rustic setting – with high ceilings, brick walls, and an outdoor seating area lets customers enjoy the Soho scene while dining.

Happy Hour

Details: Posto Pubblico introduces an all you can eat Meatball + all you can drink Red Wine Happy Hour.

Days: Every Monday – Friday

Time: 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm

Price: HK$189 + 10%sc.

Posto Pubblico | G/F, 28 Elgin Street, Central | 2577 7160


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