Besides the Band, Bajaa and Baraat that goes into building the buzz of an Indian wedding, there’s yet another bling that cannot be missed out: Alcohol. Herein, we speak to Alcohol connoisseur and successful business owner of Liquidz, Hong Kong on his brand, Liquidz Keep it Flowing, (LKiF) as well as his recommendations on the alcohol requirements that make for a successful shhudh desi shaadi.

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How important is alcohol in an Indian wedding?

Indians are known for their succulent tastes in their foods and spices. I assure you, it is no different for alcohol. In fact, I have known of some weddings being spoken about, and even judged, simply based on the alcohol they kept flowing. Barring the religious ceremonies, almost every other event is an occasion of celebration – and to amplify the mood of celebration, having alcohol is a major imperative.

What information would you need from the wedding organizers when offering them your selection of Alcohol ?

There are several variations when it comes to Indian weddings. Some could be as grand as hosting hundreds of people while some marriages could be more intimate with a hand full of crowd. Along with the scale and budget of the wedding, it is also important to consider the following:

  • Is the occasion being held in HK, in the town or foreign city, or an outlying Resort?
  • Does the occasion fall over a weekend?
  • How many days would the wedding last for? Typically, the current norm is to have a 4–day wedding.
  • How many occasions are held during the day and how many in the evening?
  • How many guests are expected at the wedding? Taking a stereotypical wedding, let’s say a wedding is expecting 400 guests, with 170 men, 180 women, and 50 kids.
  • Most importantly, how many of the guests are alcohol drinkers? In our case, let’s assume it’s 300.

 So what Alcohol would you recommend for a wedding with a drinking party of 300?

Generally, the occasions would start off with a Welcome dinner, which is the ambience for the crowd to acclimatize to each other, as well as get accustomed to the type of alcohol they would have for the next few days. LKiF calls this “Warming up with the Liquidz”. I would suggest Champagne, Wine and Spirits.

 The next day is when youngsters go wild, with both the Pool Party – “Liquidz Shower” and the evening Youngsters’ Party – “Liquidify”. During the day, we see crowds sipping on basic spirits – as vodka, whiskey, gin, & rum – and shots, entailing cocktails made in punch bowl, directly from a bottle, water gun, pipe, such as Sangrias, Pimms, Flavoured Mojitos (i.e. blueberry, raspberry, lychee, mango, and kiwi). For the night this amplifies, as I’ve even seen attractions like tequila shots from a dentist chair, test tube shots, glow in the dark shooter glasses, and injection shots. Compiling the entire Liquidz selection for the evening

On the subsequent night of the Sangeet, I’d recommend to stick to Liquidz like champagne, basic spirits – vodka, whiskey, gin, rum, shots – tequila parton XO café, tequila rose shots.

Lastly, for the Wedding & Reception – “Civilized Liquidz”. Once again, its a formal evening and everyone has to check out early next morning for their flights back home. I’d recommend to offer the entire range of Liquidz provided i.e champagne, wine, and basic spirits and shots for those who need that one last drop.

In total this make 5 occasions where Liquidz will be flowing continuously.

Based on the above, could you tell us the quantity of alcohol required to entertain the 4 day Wedding Extravaganza

  • Champagne – 350/400 bottles
  • Black Label Whiskey (60 bottles)
  • Macallan 12 Yrs Whiskey (40 bottles)
  • Jack Daniels Whiskey (24 bottles)
  • Grey Goose Vodka (80 bottles)
  • Bacardi Rum (24 bottles)
  • Bombay Gin (24 bottles)
  • Patron XO Cafe Tequila (30 bottles)
  • Tequila Rose (30 bottles)
  • Liqueurs such as Baileys, Conitreau, Malibu, Kahlua, Flavored Schnapps (18 each bottles) & other spirits for mixing into shots.

This, of course, is not the whole list, and not the complete exhaustive information.To know more than just the tip of the iceberg and get customized personal advice for your wedding, contact us at

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What is Liquidz?

Liquidz has been supplying alcohol since 2009 and it has now launched a brand new website ( where you can order your alcohol requirements online with delivery. Stocking everything from Dom Perignon to Patron Tequila there is no shortage of choices. Liquidz believe in “Keep it Flowing…” and you can find bottles of champagne marked with their brand LKiF (Liquidz, Keep it Flowing) at many weddings. Liquidz also partners with different events and parties and you can see ‘LKiF Approved’ events here.

Whatever drink it is, we advise you to Keep it Flowing !



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