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By on September 17, 2015

Whether you identify as a vegetarian, vegan, pro-­organic, or are simply on the lookout for good food, you should know about an awesome little restaurant called Grassroots Pantry on Hollywood Road. Grassroots Pantry proves that vegetarian food does not necessarily have to be boring and green. When the right combinations come together, you will be mesmerized by the flavors – this is subtly but wonderfully achieved by the chef and owner of this cozy restaurant, Peggy Chan.

The interior is a comfortable environment with a touch of vintage, expressed in the furniture and cutlery choices. Personally, the restaurant gave me a lively vibe, beginning with the enthusiastic greeting given to us by the staff as we entered. Every ingredient that enters the kitchen is made from scratch to ensure the highest culinary standards, using fresh and organic ingredients supplied by the locals whenever possible.

pantry decor

Before starting our meal, we were given a basket of bread, alongside a cashew butter dip with sesame seeds. The cashew butter had a luscious creamy texture to it, which spread onto the bread like butter. We also ordered drinks – the AM Elixir, an exquisite coconut juice mix; and Liveraid, a pure vegetable juice – which rejuvenated us and readied our appetities for dinner.

The Raw Spicy Sprouted Seed Hand Roll is built on the concept of sushi, and came highly recommended by the staff. Personally not being a huge fan of sushi due to its perceived lack of flavors, this dish took my tastebuds by pleasant surprise. The small rolls were filled with flavors of raw “tuna”, avocado and sticky cauliflower “rice”, and were served alongside soy sauce and authentic wasabi.

Seed Hand

By personal choice, we ordered the Sprouted Chickpea Quinoa Falafel, which was the highlight of the meal. It was a packaged deal that came with spicy yogurt and pita, and was crispy on the outside while being full of flavor on the inside. It was the perfect savory dish – we couldn’t get enough of the delicious yoghurt.


My eyes were drawn to the Organic Sweetcorn Brown Rice Risotto when ordering the main course, as I had previously rarely seen it served without mushrooms. My first bite of it gave me the impression of a nice creamy texture not dissimilar to goat cheese, dotted by individual grains of corn and brown rice which each had their own distinct bite. The dish was paired with sunflower seed cheese crackers, which personally I felt didn’t compliment the dish as well but didn’t detract from it either.

And since no meal is complete without dessert, we treated ourselves to the Raw Brownies and Passionfruit Mousse, as suggested by the staff. The dark chocolate bitterness of the chocolate brownie and the tangy flavor present in the passionfruit mousse were perfect compliments to each other, in a polarizing yet irresistible way. The brownies gave a crunchy body to the dish, while the passion fruit mousse added a creamy element, together forming a perfect balance without foregoing the uniqueness of either.

As blueberry cheesecake holds a special place in my heart, we also got “The Original” Blueberry Cheesecake – which surprisingly was not what the name suggests. It manifested to us as a deconstructed form of cheesecake; a varying degree of ingredients layered upon each other to form a hybrid dairy fusion dessert. The blueberry compote possessed an overpowering tangy taste to it; while what the coconut cheese lacked in volume in made up for with its delightful crunchy biscuit base. The overwhelming sensation of the dessert on my tongue was a feeling of satisfaction.


The starters, main course and desserts all range from between $80-­200 per plate, which may sound a little expensive for meat lovers. However, it is justified by their creativity, as well as the exquisite attention to detail observed in all the dishes we tried.

Grassroots Pantry is the perfect place for a small business meeting or a distraction-free gathering with friends who prefer a quiet environment.

Grassroots Pantry | 108 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan | 2873 3353


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Khyati Shah

Khyati was born in India, but has been living in Hong Kong all her life. Hong Kong is definitely her favorite city. She is a complete foodie and loves trying out new delicacies as long they are vegetarian. She enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures, and food. She is also passionate about photography and has a soft heart for chocolates.

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