Is coffee the first thought that comes to your mind in the morning? Nothing better could spark your day than a cup of scrumptious coffee. Somehow, preparing a refreshing cup of coffee is not a skill that most of us have. Good luck to the experts and if your coffee skills are just like mine, “Nespresso” is the right word for you! Nespresso has been a popular name for coffee lovers for more than 25 years. Owning a Nespresso alone will make you a coffee expert. Nespresso has come up with their new machine Nespresso Maestria and a new coffee flavour  Linizio Lungo grand cru.

Nespresso Machines
Left: Grand Maestria , Right: Maestria

The Maestria coffee machines are available in two different types: Maestria and Gran Maestria. Maestria allows you to prepare coffee with the slightest of the efforts. With Maestria, you can create milk froth at the right density and enjoy the premium coffee in your home. The machine has a steam pipe which uses advanced intake technology for creating froth and thickening it to the perfection. Maestria is used for preparing coffee and milk shakes of your choice. It is available in an attractive retro red color.

Gran Maestria gives you the luxury of taste and ease that Nespresso is known for. Gran Maestria is designed with an Aeroccino milk frother which can create froth for cold milk, hot milk, and some additional types of froths for your recipe. This machine can preheat your cup and give you the experience of a premium class coffee. Both of these machines are designed for saving space and offering the ease of use to the user.

Pixie Linizio Lungo
Pixie Linizio Lungo

Linizio Lungo is the latest offering from Nespresso and it has a rich, rounded blend which will make your mornings ravishing. The enticing cereal aroma of the cru will luxuriate your experience of coffee. Nespresso has used a new Arabica coffee bean from Columbia in Linizio Lungo. The coffee has an original aroma because of the split-roasting technique used in its preparation. The best feature of Linizio Lungo is that you can use it with both coffee as well as milk. If you like your coffee with milk, you’ll definitely cherish the caramelized notes of the cru and the roasted flavour in your milk.

Maestria (HK$4,688) and Gran Maestria (HK$6,388) will be available in Hong Kong from 25th March 2013 in Nespresso boutiques, on the online Nespresso boutique and from selected trade partners.

Nespresso in Hong Kong:
ifc boutique
1021, ifc Mall, Central, Hong Kong

Elements boutique
1093, Elements, Kowloon
For more information,  visit them online at


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