If you’re looking for a change from the traditional Diwali sweets, we have something for you! Whether it is easier recipes or healthier alternatives, here are 5 different Diwali sweets recipes that you have to try out!

Dark Chocolate Dates

Image Courtesy: Paleo Newbie
Image Courtesy: Paleo Newbie

This is hardly a recipe but a sweet idea that has kept up to date and is a great and easy Paleo alternative. All you’ll need for this are nuts of your choice, dates and melted dark chocolate.
1. Cut and remove the pit from the dates
2. Chop the nuts in half and place them inside the dates.
3. Dip the stuffed dates in melted dark chocolate and place them on baking paper to set.
4. Top your chocolate covered dates with a combination of finely chopped pistachios and orange rind or desiccated coconut.

Place these in little chocolate cups and line them in a pretty box – makes for a great homemade Diwali treat or an easy addition to a Diwali goody bag!

Ginger Masala Chai Spice Cheesecake

Ginger Masala Chai Spice Cheesecake

I came up with this recipe as an alternative to my usual decadent chocolate cheesecake. Although decadent, this cheesecake is a serious serving of festive joy. This one is a Ginger caramel sauce with a Masala Chai spice flavored filling over a buttery crust.

1. For the crust, crush a packet of digestive biscuits and mix with 150 g of butter; the butter should be soft and at room temperature. Place this in a pie dish and set aside to firm up.
2. Ginger caramel sauce – this is a basic caramel sauce infused with ginger juice. For the caramel sauce take 1 cup sugar with ¼ cup water and let this come to a boil. Watch it carefully as you want it to turn brown but not too dark (and this happens quickly). Once you see the sugar and water has caramelized take it off the heat and add 1/3-cup heavy cream and continue mixing until evenly combined.
3. Add three tablespoons of ginger juice to this and you’re ready for the filling.
4. Filling; whip up 1 tin of Nestle crème and 1 pack of cream cheese (about 250g) and add 1 tsp Cinnamon powder, 1 tsp Ginger powder and ½ tsp Nutmeg powder.
5. Add the Ginger caramel sauce into the filling and fold it in gently. Once mixed well spread evenly onto the crust and leave to set in the fridge for 3 to 4 hours.

Coconut Carrot Burfi

I know what you’re thinking… coconut and carrot? I thought that too when I first tried this recipe. With minimal amount of Ghee this simple three-ingredient recipe is a time and lifesaver for when you’ve overdosed on the Kaju Katlis and the Gulab Jamuns.

1. Start with heating Two tablespoons of ghee in a thick-bottomed pan, adding a cup of grated coconut and a cup of finely grated carrot to it.
2. Sautee and cook this on a medium low flame until the carrot is tender and soft.
3. Add 11/2 cup of Caster sugar or 2 cups of coconut sugar (available at most park n shops).
4. Continue cooking this; it will start to froth and bubble. Make sure to keep it on medium heat to stop it from burning. Add 1 powdered cardamom pod and mix well.
5. Once you see the Ghee separation and the mixture form an even consistency, spread evenly onto a greased pan and let it cool. Once cooled you can cut it into small squares.

An Old favourite: Besan Ladoo

Besan Ladoo

I am pretty confident I can get through life with a cookie in one hand and a Ladoo in the other. There is no way it would feel like Diwali without chowing down on some ladoos. However, the garish amounts of Ghee packed into these can make any Ladoo Lover worry about the aftermath of that Diwali binge. So, here is a recipe with no ghee. That’s right, no ghee at all. What sorcery is this, a ladoo without Ghee? Yes and I am spelling it out for you right here.

1. Take two cups of Besan and roast it until golden and fragrant.
2. To this, add one cup of freshly grated coconut (if not available at Indian grocer, try a Thai provision store) and one cup of roasted peanut powder.
3. Now add 3 cups of blended seedless dates; you can use a small amount of coconut milk to help you blend the dates into a thick paste.
4. Add 1/4th teaspoon of cardamom powder and mix well.
5. Finally, to make the ladoos rub small amount of coconut oil on your hands and roll into small- medium sized balls.

Rasgulla Pop

You’ve heard of cake pops and lollipops; this Diwali you need to give these Rasgulla pops a go! How do I make them you ask? This one has to be my favourite Diwali hack using store bought Rasgullas. Available at any Indian grocery store across Hong Kong.

This one is my take on recreating a Kaju Katli experience but of course, very different. Things you will need to assemble this are Rasgullas and Toasted Cashew Butter.

1. Squeeze the excess sugar syrup from Rasgullas and set aside.
2. To prepare the cashew butter, take 2 cups of raw cashews add ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract and 1/4th teaspoon salt.
3. While making the cashew butter, it will go through several stages of looking coarse and dry. Just keep at it with the grinding in your food processors and eventually you will get a smooth creamy consistency.
4. Dip the Rasgullas in the nut butter and leave them on a baking sheet in the fridge to allow to set and the butter to firm up.
5. Sprinkling of Saffron and you’re ready to go!


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