Mrs. Pound is one of Hong Kong’s many hidden gems. Located on an isolated lane on Hollywood Road, Mrs. Pounds entails mystique and suspense. Disguised as a stamp shop, the restaurant surely startles passersby; even more so when they are unable to find the entrance to this “stamp shop”. Little do people know that a single pull of a stamp reveals a door behind which inviting dishes are served.

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The restaurant whips up Asian-fusion street food that is simply stunning. Mac N’ Cheese is undoubtedly everyone’s favourite. Hence, the Mac N’ Cheese Chilli Crab at Mrs. Pound will win your heart and stomach. Just the thought of  having it alongside the heavenly chilli-absorbed crab makes your mouth water.

An equally amazing crab dish is Black Pepper Crab with Lo Mein. This brings together Hongkongers’ favourite instant noodles and crab topped with black pepper sauce. To wash down these amazing dishes and to make room for more, you can always take slow sips of the refreshing Lychee Spritzer Mocktail or other drinks of your choice from their large drinks menu.


The Raspberry Glazed Flank Steak – an unusual presentation of steak covered in mild raspberry sauce – brings out a whole new flavour and is one of the best you could ever have. Another hit is the Salted-Egg-Yolk Squid, which is reminiscent of India’s all-time-favourite bhajis. The squid is deep-fried and dipped in salted egg yolk and is served atop savoury crisps.

(From left to right) Salted-Egg-Yolk Squid, Black Pepper Crab with Lo Mein, Raspberry Glazed Flank Steak

Remember that they do not take any reservations. But if you want to be transported into another world with great food as a bonus, Mrs. Pound is the place for you!

Mrs. Pound | 6 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan | Tel: 3426 3949


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