Motorino Hong Kong made its debut in the buzzing SOHO district in March of 2013.  We went there on a week evening around 7.30 pm and the place was already teeming with energy. Relaxed lighting, good ambient music, wine glasses tinkling at lively tables all around and we knew we had come to a pizzeria meant for the grown-ups.

Motorino Pic

Motorino prides itself for the range of Neapolitan pizzas that it offers. Neapolitan pizzas are cooked according to stringent requirements set out by the Italian government, which mandates the use of Caputo flour, San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, and requires that the pizzas are baked in true wood-burning ovens for clearly specified amounts of time. Motorino does that but also adds its own twist to the pizzas lending them a distinct, contemporary appeal with an Italian undertone.

We started with Antipasto or starters to line our stomach and dive into the evening of Neapolitan indulgence. While I went for the flavoursome ‘Octopus and Potato Salad with capers and chili oil’ (HK$138), my vegetarian friend ordered the Marinated Beet Salad (HK$ 88) as I happily offered to finish off the anchovy in her beet salad. The octopus tasted fresh with a good chew and potatoes served as a good ingredient without overpowering the taste. Healthy eaters cannot but not love the Beet salad, an example of how taste and health can be combined in an intelligent manner.

Left: Marinated Beet Salad & Right: Octopus & Potato Salad

Then, came the Pizze time. I decided to go for the hot, trending ingredient ‘Brussels Sprout’. The white ’Brussels Sprouts Pizza’ with fior di latte, garlic, pecorino, smoked pancetta and olive oil (HK$158) reincarnates the ‘fast food’ pizza as ‘good food’ offering health and indulgence in every bite. Smoked pancetta and Brussels sprout make an ingenious combination scoring Motorino top marks in both taste and originality.

Brussels Sprout Pizza
Brussels Sprout Pizza

However, the real showstopper on the menu has to be the weekend brunch ‘Pizza Al’Uovo (HK$ 138) offered exclusively on Saturdays-Sundays between 12.00 – 4.00 pm. Comprising of Fior di latte, smoked pancetta, yummy pecorino cheese and fried farm eggs on top of it, you have to taste Pizza Al’Uovo to believe how good fried farm eggs can taste on a pizza (when done right ofcourse!). This dish could easily be the queue driving one for Motorino over the weekends.

Pizza Al'Uovo
Pizza Al’Uovo

Finally, coming to Dolci or the desserts. Motorino keeps it simple and simply delectable. There are two dishes on the desserts menu. Tiramisu (HK$ 68) is one of the freshest in town and works perfectly as a pick me up, which is what the word Tiramisu also means . The second on the menu is ‘Torta Al Cioccolato’ or the Chocolate pastry (HK$ 98) served with light pouring custard. I am yet to find anyone who would not give in to the irresistible, classic charm of this one.


Well curated Wine menu with the Perfect Pizza Wine ‘Gragnano’ , the frizzante red wine that comes from the town of the same name on the Sorrento Peninsula outside of Naples, completes the Neapolitan authenticity in its menu. Attentive service, unpretentious and lively atmosphere make it a great spot to hit on your next girls night or an office after party or even a delectable night for two!

Motorino | 14 Shelley Street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong | Tel : 28016881. Timings : Noon to Midnight.

Opening soon at 15 Ship Street, Wanchai.


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