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The Juhu Beach Club (JBC) opened in San Francisco to much acclaim, also earning a mention on Anthony Bourdain’s show “Parts Unknown”, and is now bringing summer back this winter to Hong Kong. Much like the experience of eating at the Juhu Beach in Mumbai – a melting pot of regional Indian flavours for food and fun – Chef Owner Preeti Mistry’s Hong Kong menu promises a similar experience, while preserving it’s creative authenticity. The décor is comfortably chic and, in true Mumbai recreational club fashion, has a relaxed and retro, old-world charm to it.

Brussel Sprouts in Fenugreek Pesto

At JBC you will find your favourite, familiar Indian flavours given a welcomed bold and refreshing representation. There is a healthy mix of appetizers to pick from whether you’re a vegetarian, meat lover or fancy both. Like the ‘Desi Jacks’, the nuttiest brittle snack popping with sweet and spicy flavours – you will want to bag these up and take them home! We also tried the Brussels sprouts Nest, a truly modern interpretation of traditional Indian ingredients like fenugreek, ginger, and curry leaves with untraditional concepts. The buttery and toasty Brussels sprouts paired with the Fenugreek Chutney (an Indian cousin of the Italian pesto) had us going back for more.

Juhu Beach Club dishes

The Cauliflower Manchurian was another such dish; crispy and mildly spicy, reminiscent of Mumbai’s guilty pleasure- Indian Chinese food. Unlike the soy-based original, Chef Preeti Mistry’s version is much like Hong Kong’s favorite sweet and sour sauce. At JBC the appetizers are small plates made for sharing; the Papadum and Pickles as well as the Bhel are refined renditions of classic ‘street style’ bites that are not to be missed.

Up next, the fiery Vada Pav and the Pork Vindalated proved to be the sassier sisters of classic American Sliders. Sandwiched between two buttery, soft buns you get a seriously spicy potato puff paired with a sweet Mango Mimosa cocktail. The pulled pork pav was a personal favourite – the juicy meat oozing with a smoky vindaloo barbecue sauce, perfectly balanced with the creaminess of the coriander yogurt. An all American appearance but an incredibly Indian taste!

For the Mains we tried the Tamarind Coconut Curry and the Holy Cow short rib curry served on a bed of fluffy lemon rice. The short rib curry featured fall of the bone, braised tender meat with robust Rogan Ghosh like flavours. The vegetarian tamarind and coconut curry was intriguingly light and hearty at the same time. A generous portion of curry inspired by the most popular flavours of Southern Indian cooking – tangy, rich and creamy.

Cocktails at Juhu Beach Club

The menu at JBC shows tasteful consideration that extends to the drinks menu, which deserves a special mention. Pick from any of the creative cocktails; you might feel like starting with the vodka & spiced lemonade Desi Drop, or monkeying around with a Tamarind Tangy Margarita, maybe a High Chai (think hot toddy), or you could have them all and a Sari not Sorry.

If you’re taste buds are bored from eating the same old Indian food,  then its time to try out something different and bold – which pretty much sums up Juhu Beach Club.

An average meal per head would approximately cost you anywhere from HK$280 – HK$350.

Juhu Beach Club | 28, Elgin Street. Soho, Central | Tel: 2177 3544

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